Barack Obama Exploits Sandy Hook Victims…Again

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Shorter Obama: I like to play off the heartstrings of people and exploit tragedies by using the mothers of victims to talk about gun control, because if you don’t agree with her you will look like some sort of monster.


Well screw you Obama, I have a heart, but I also have a brain and I use it. I see this for exactly what it is, a publicity stunt to use against people who support the 2nd Amendment.

Where is Mark Mattioli in all of this? You know, the father of a victim at Sandy Hook who has made it very clear that he does not support gun control.

I guess you won’t fly him around and invite him to the White House to do a weekly address for you because he’s not worth anything to you. He had a child that died too, but he doesn’t tow the line like a proper victim so he gets ignored.


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  1. Nothing like whipping up a little hysteria to fulfill your leftist agenda right Mr. President? This and any shooting is a tragedy, but in reality it is insignificant statistically and warrants no new laws or regulation to ‘correct’ it.

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