“Not My Little Angel” Syndrome Taken to an Absurd Extreme by Family of Boston Marathon Bombers

You’re “little angels” (AKA, Islamic terrorists) committed the ultimate irony by stealing a car with a “coexist” sticker on it, by the way.

In his book, Republicans and Reincarnation, my friend Cris Pace (of The Conservative New ager) writes about the problems of the modern education and describes one of the major issues, parenting…or the lack there of.

It is a much-repeated joke among teachers about parent teacher conferences that the only parents who show up are the parents we didn’t need to talk to, since the parents that show up are the ones who have kids passing. Or we get parents who have what I call, “Not my Little Angel” syndrome.

“Your child is failing”

“Not my little angel.”

“Your child cheated on his test.”

“Not my little angel.”

“Your child attempted to burn down the school and we have video of it.”

“Not my little angel.”

“Your child grabbed a girl by the hair, shoved her face to his crotch, and said ‘I might as well rape you now, and get it over with.”

“Boys will be boys.”*

– Republicans and Reincarnation, chapter 11: Educating our Children into the Idiots of Tomorrow – The Problems of Modern American Education and the Society Around it

In watching the coverage of the manhunt for the two Boston Marathon Bombers I noted that several members of the bombers’ families (and several of their friends) took this syndrome to absurd and delusional heights.

“Your sons bombed a marathon and killed 3 people and injured hundreds more.”

“Not my true angels.” –Their father

“You sons robbed a convenience store and stole a mans car.”

“They couldn’t have done that.” – Their Aunt and Uncle

“Your sons planned to place 7 more bombs, started a firefight with the Boston police, and killed or injured several police officers.”

“They must have been framed!” – Their father

“They must have been set-up!” – Their mother

No joke, that’s how the multiple interviews with family members have been going.

Now I know that parents want to always believe the best of their children, my mom seems to think that I am way more financially smart than I actually am after all, but there comes a time where you have to accept that your children are not “true angels” the way they were when they were children.

This mass delusion on your part isn’t helping anything.

Yes, in fact, your little angels DID do this. Your little angels ARE terrorists. Your sweet, precious, “true angels” are murderers. It’s hard to accept, but you need to deal with this and stop living in a delusion.

I admit you must be shocked, but threatening us with “all hell breaking loose” if your son is killed, is hardly helpful.

In fact the only family member who really seems to be able to face the facts of the situation is their Uncle, who lives in Maryland, and denounced the two brothers soundly, saying they were “losers” and said that they had brought shame on their entire family. I guess proximity helps with being able to accept the fact that members of your family have turned into murderous terrorists.

People need to grow up and realize that their “little angels” don’t always grow up perfect, nor do they remain angelic. Your children, just like anyone else’s, are capable of great evil.

Instead of denying it, perhaps you need to figure out where they went wrong.

“Not my Little Angel” doesn’t help anyone.


*He goes on to mention in the footnotes of the page that this final example was not made up. I pity teachers on a regular basis.


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