Culture Rot

Maybe it’s just that we live in an age of public social networking, but it seems to me that we are watching the evidence of cultural rot on a massive scale.

What’s at fault? Too many things for me to catalog in a single article to tell the truth, but the symptoms are everywhere, even if we can’t find the source of the disease.

We see it in the media blackout of the Kermit Gosnell case and in the feminist blogs that rushed to defend abortion in the wake of his arrest and trial.

We see it in the tweets of people who think Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is “too cute” to be a bomber and wish that he wouldn’t be found guilty.

The people who feel the need to get on TV and talk about how the Boston Bombers were “nice guys”. 

The feeding frenzy of the Main Stream Media when they thought it might be “Right Wing Nuts” who bombed the Marathon, but their complete unwillingness to look at the religion of the bombers now, even when it’s being reported that the elder of the two brothers was a frequent visitor a mosque run by radical Islamists in Russia.

The people like Amanda Palmer who write terrible, trite “poetry” to encourage “empathy” for a man that killed 3 people in cold blood, one of them an 8 year old, and injured hundreds more.

The people who send hate tweets to a pastor who son committed suicide. 

The people who tell me I should “just do everyone a favor and f*cking kill [myself]” while peddling trite “anti-bullying” slogans on their own blogs.

We’re living in a society that’s being overwhelmed by cultural rot. A mentality of “if it didn’t hurt me, it’s not so bad” and “it’s not my fault, racism/homophobia/islamophobia made me do it!”

I know that we have many good people in our society, watching the actions of first responders in Boston and the bravery of the Boston police proves that, but sometimes it seems like we are fighting against a flood of moral relativism and rot that is rising twice as fast as we can place sandbags.



  1. And don’t forget all the conspiracy theorists who think that there is no such thing as terrorism, that it’s only a government plot to control you. Those idiots are just worthless as the liberals who want to excuse the acts of terrorists.

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