Can You Spot the Difference? AKA: A clump of dead cells is a clump of dead cells, why is it profane?

Warning: this article may contain foul language and possibly disturbing imagery.

A professor at the University of Buffalo was arrested earlier this month when she let loose a serious string of expletives toward a, reportedly, fairly graphic pro-life display. This attracted the attention of the police who she then continued to swear at, having not said her fill already about how “vulgar” and “profane” the pro-life display was. The police eventually escorted her away in cuffs.

Laura Curry, a professor of film at the University of Buffalo, found a display so offensive that she railed against it and was warned by uniformed police to desist. “Where does it say I can’t use the F@#$ word in public,” Curry demanded. “I can swear because that’s part of my vocabulary. That’s part of my First Amendment rights.” “That is swearing,” Curry says, pointing towards the signs. “That image is f@#$ing profane.”


Video contains strong language

But here’s a question, what was it about this display that she found so vulgar and profane?

Oh I know what I  and other pro-life people find vulgar and profane about an image of an aborted child, but why would a pro-choice person see it that way? I could understand if she had said the image was “disturbing” to her or if it made her “uncomfortable”, but vulgar? Profane?

According to pro-choice (pro-abortion) folks, those images aren’t of dead children, but simply a mass of dead tissues and cells. No different than an excised tumor or cyst, both of which I have seen in my life (the second type actually having been excised from my own wrist) and neither of them evoked any response stronger than a lost appetite.

In fact, isn’t it liberals (most of whom are pro-choice) who want to force tobacco companies to put pictures of dead clumps of tissues (cancerous lungs) and dead bodies on packs of cigarettes?

Why is that dead tissue a promoter of good health and the other is vulgar and should be taken down? Can you spot the difference?

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Well I can, but I can’t see how someone who is pro-choice could…at least not in good conscious.

Either it’s a clump of dead tissue and it shouldn’t be anything other than mildly disgusting, like a tracheotomy hole on a pack of cigarettes, or it’s a murdered human being and it’s profane and obscene. You can’t have it both ways.


Also of interest is the fact that, according the University of Buffalo’s handbook, what the professor was doing was NOT within her right while on campus.

Faculty, staff, and students

– Refrain from behavior that creates a hostile environment for others, regardless of whether it is the individuals’ intent to create a hostile environment.

UofB Harassment and Discrimination policy

Laura Curry, honey, if you are being so hostile that the police come talk to you…that’s a problem.