Michelle Obama: Utterly Gaffetastic

Basically Michelle Obama at all times.

Michelle Obama is known for two things, her arms and her clothes, neither of which I find attractive.

She’s known to me by a third thing, she has a habit of jumping headfirst into some really spectacularly poorly thought out words and actions.

Like that time she said “for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country” at two different stops in Wisconsin in 2008. Even if she didn’t mean it the way it sounds, it still sounds pretty bad. Who let her speak off teleprompter?

Or how about the time (last month) when Michelle Obama paired up with John Kerry (who is even more gaffetastic than Mrs. Obama) to give the Secretary of State’s International Women of Courage Award to Samira Ibrahim who has a history of anti-Semitic and anti-American sentiments.

On Twitter, Ibrahim is quite blunt regarding her views. On July 18 of last year, after five Israeli tourists and a Bulgarian bus driver were killed a suicide bombing attack, Ibrahim jubilantly tweeted: “An explosion on a bus carrying Israelis in Burgas airport in Bulgaria on the Black Sea. Today is a very sweet day with a lot of very sweet news.”

Ibrahim frequently uses Twitter to air her anti-Semitic views. Last August 4, commenting on demonstrations in Saudi Arabia, she described the ruling Al Saud family as “dirtier than the Jews.” Seventeen days later she tweeted in reference to Adolf Hitler: “I have discovered with the passage of days, that no act contrary to morality, no crime against society, takes place, except with the Jews having a hand in it. Hitler.”

Ibrahim holds other repellent views as well. As a mob was attacking the United States embassy in Cairo on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11, pulling down the American flag and raising the flag of Al Qaeda, Ibrahim wrote on twitter: “Today is the anniversary of 9/11. May every year come with America burning.” Possibly fearing the consequences of her tweet, she deleted it a couple of hours later, but not before ascreen shot was saved by an Egyptian activist.

Weekly Standard

The First Lady and Secretary of State later put the award on hold.

Maybe someone reminded them how impossible such an action on their parts would be to salvage.

Now she out proving that the Secret Service really does not do their job, because they were letting her visit a Saudi National who had been put on a terror watch list recently (though he was also mysteriously removed from the list later) and was given “Section 212, 3B terrorist designation despite inquiries from Sen. Grassley and members of the House Homeland Security Committee.” (The Blaze)

Huh what? Okay, he was injured in the Boston Marathon Bombing and the First Lady was, reportedly, visiting other victims at various hospitals, but that does not explain why she was allowed within 5 feet of someone on a terrorist watch list.

What the hell is going on here?

Thanks for proving again that you have no common sense and even less good judgment Michelle. Great job!


Maybe she’s just trying to keep up appearances so Iran won’t revoke the “wet gunpowder award” (for “revealing the influence that the White House sways over the Hollywood film industry” [gateway pundit]) they awarded her earlier this year.


Update: Michelle Obama apparently visited the Saudi National who was on a terrorist watch list, but DIDN’T visit the athlete, Jeff Bauman, who lost both his legs and helped the police identify the bombers. Huh?


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  1. Moochele is proof that the sad adage, “You can take the Black out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the Black,” isn’t wholly wrong or to be casually dismissed as racist.

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