Glitter, Partial Nudity, and Piracy: It’s Like a Ke$ha Music Video Became Reality

Basically a photo representation of everything this blog post is about.

I really really hate glitter bombers, there haven’t been any for a while, but I had to mention them for that title to work.

Plus I’m quoting one of my old rants about glitter bombing.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

If you would appreciate a handful of glitter in your face, a slashed cornea, and a painkiller/eye-patch fashion combo, then, by all means, keep throwing glitter at people.

If you would appreciate Bible’s being thrown at you because you are gay, and the street preachers thought that physical violence would change that, then, by all means, keep assaulting others to get them to change their opinions.

If, however, you realize how much you would not appreciate either one of those things.

Then please, give it a rest, put down the craft box, screw the lid back on the glitter container, and go write a blog or something.

Time for another glitter bombing post

Glitter bombing is completely useless for changing anyone’s opinion.

I guarantee you that if you threw glitter on me because I don’t support gay marriage I would do two things, I would report you to the police and then I would press charges. What I wouldn’t do? Start supporting gay marriage. I don’t respond well to threats and bullying.

The people who resort to this sort of “persuasion” clearly never paid attention in their “How To Win Friends and Influence People” class, because I guarantee that assault, chanting, nasty graffiti and letters and tweets, partial nudity, and theft were not on the approved list of suggestions.

But somewhere along the line they decided that temper tantrums were the way to get their point across.

What’s even worse is that, what would have been a bratty temper tantrum when a 4 year old does it, is basically assault (among other things) when a grown adult, who should know better, does it.

This is what happens when we don’t spank our children.

In Belgium a group of half naked protesters from the organization FEMEN accosted a Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard while he was praying. They doused him with water from bottles shaped like the Virgin Mary and shouted at him. He remained silent and praying throughout the attack.

What prompted the attack?

Leonard had told a Belgian newspaper in March that homosexuality is “a given that people find in themselves and whose origins remain somewhat mysterious,” and said he urges Christian homosexuals to adopt a life of celibacy.

The Daily Caller

Okay, so I disagree with the Archbishop on a personal level. I also disagree with his interpretation of the Bible, but he is not trying to control anyone or force anyone to do anything. He’s not going out and assaulting gay people and shouting at them to change their wicked ways. He’s not dumping holy water on them.

Why do these protesters from FEMEN feel that this mode of protest is going to change anyone’s opinion? If my church was telling me that homosexuals are wicked and sinful and vulgar (which this Archbishop wasn’t, but for the sake of argument please play along) and the sermon was interrupted by a bunch of topless, screaming women, throwing water on us and telling us not the be homophobes…you know what my reaction would be?

Yeah, that’s right, I would believe everything my pastor was saying, because those women could not possibly have proven his point more effectively.

You aren’t being helpful FEMEN, at all.

I give them credit for being one of the few feminist organizations to actually actively call out Islam on it’s treatment of women, but their tactics are all shock and very little awe. They aren’t going to change hearts or minds.

Oh and piracy isn’t very effective at changing people either Greenpeace.

Using inflatable boats from Greenpeace’s ship the Rainbow Warrior, six activists boarded the Korean-owned coal ship MV Meister at dawn on Wednesday and presented a letter to the ship’s captain explaining why they were there. The activists set up camp on the ship’s bow.

The Daily Caller

I don’t care how wonderful your intentions are (even if your intentions are dumb as hell, I’ll admit that you think they are good) taking over private property and doing…what exactly? What are they doing on the bow of this ship?

I think it’s the equivalent of chaining themselves to a tree for publicity.

Anyway, it’s not effective and if I was the captain I would throw them all overboard and douse their “camp” in gasoline, but that’s just me.

You know what’s even worse though?

Those FEMEN protesters and Greenpeace pirates are probably the sort of people that actually feel that Lena Dunham deserves an “Award for Media Excellence”. 


Yuck, I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

I’m telling you, this is what happens when you don’t spank your kids.

Seriously though, this is not an effective way to get your point across. Glitter belongs in your craft box, water is meant to hydrate your body, and camping out on Korean coal vessels without permission is not an acceptable way to spend your spring break.

Go learn how to communicate in the real world and then come back with a civilized debate. You’re only hurting your own cause otherwise.


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