I Don’t Get This Whole “Coming Out” Thing

BeFunky_download.jpgEveryone is talking up a storm about Jason Collins, a pro-basketball player who just announced that he’s gay to the entire world.

Or at least everyone who reads Sports Illustrated.

I don’t, so I had to wait for the rest of the world to catch up and start frantically covering it in the news and on twitter to hear about it. I just shrugged and said “Okay? So?”

I’ve never understood the need to make a huge spectacle of your personal life.

Well that’s a lie, I used to bring up my sexuality in conversations when I was in 9th grade and I was an obnoxious little liberal troll, but that’s about it.

I didn’t make a big production of coming out, in fact I usually came out by accident, because I would talk about “my girlfriend said…” as normally as I would have said “my boyfriend said…” in a conversation. So I would say that and people would interrupt the flow of the conversation to say “Whoah, whoa there!….you’re gay?” I would confirm and then we would carry on with the conversation.

What I didn’t do was take out a page in the school newspaper to announce that, yes, the obnoxiously smart kid in the freshmen class was, in fact, a lesbian.

What is it about being gay that leads famous people to announce it to the world? They don’t feel the need to announce their straightness to the world and they still make plenty of headlines. Why not just live your life and answer the question honestly if you are asked and you want to let people know that you live with a person of the same sex and not the opposite.

Maybe I’m more annoyed by this because I wish that the Gosnell trial or Benghazi or Fast and Furious had gotten even half the amount of media coverage this is getting. Why in the world is the sexuality of an NBA player more important than the murder of small children or the death of American citizens? Why is it that our culture has more interest in the sexuality of a Basketball player than they do in terrorism or foreign policy.

I know, I know, the latter seems awful boring and the former is titillating and interesting.

To some anyway.

I probably wouldn’t even be writing an article about this if it weren’t for the fact that Obama still hasn’t said a word about Gosnell, but he apparently too the time to call up Jason Collins and let him know how proud of him he is.

It’s that I don’t think he should be gay or that I don’t think he’s brave for announcing it, it’s just that I don’t care.

And more to the point, the fact that anyone DOES care when someone announces their sexuality is a black mark against what the gay community is supposedly trying to accomplish. My straight friends don’t preface the announcement that they are dating someone with “Oh right, I’m straight, so don’t be shocked when I announce that my significant other is the opposite sex”. Neither do I and that has, to date, never been a problem for me. I thought the gay community wanted to be accepted the same way? Which doesn’t involve making a big production out of announcing which gender you sleep with.

I don’t announce that I’m gay when I meet a new group of people, I just act like a normal human being. My sexuality is not who I am, though I admit to employing it to make liberals heads explode, but that’s also part of who I am. If you talked to most of the people who met me at CPAC or Right Online in last year or so, they would tell you that they were not aware I was gay until they heard me talk about my girlfriend or they got home and checked my twitter bio.

That, ideally, should be how people operate. Why would Jason Collins want to be known as “the gay NBA player” for the rest of time? Like being gay is who he is?

Then again, maybe being gay is who he is. Perhaps he’s like all those liberal gay activists that feel the need to wear rainbow bracelets and a shirt announcing that they’re here and they’re queer.

If that’s your identity, fine. Don’t expect the rest of us to get all excited by it.


  1. Your point about Gosnell, Benghazi and Fast and Furious is what I’ve been thinking about all day. 44 is so proud of this guy…I’m trying to figure out why… in comparison to Brian Terry, Ambassador Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith and Glenn Doherty…he’s a…basketball player. Big deal.

    Love your posts.

    • Thank you.

      I get the feeling that our media is becoming a supermarket tabloid and so is our president. They could care less about dead babies or soldiers, but the moment you hand them a story about a gay athlete you better get out of the way because they are going to report the shit out of that story.

  2. I don’t get it either! I think that it’s stupid. Whatever happened to the STONEWALL mindset where gays and lesbians that just wanted to be lef alone and not get hounded by the police?

    By the way meredithancret, i am new to your blog. Started readding about a month ago and i love it!

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