Manufactured Outrage: Racism, Racism, Everywhere and Not a Drop is Real

Yeah, we know kid. You’re a liberal and everything is racist.

Sometimes I wonder what drugs most liberals are on, because they get some really good stuff apparently.

There were two symbolic stick figures on the quilt in which one represented no knowledge while the other represented enlightenment after the learning assignment. Can you imagine a nervous young student who was proud to discuss the quilt work, and the horror when Martinsville, Virginia Councilwoman Sharon Brooks-Hodge suddenly accused the student of racism over a black stick figure in the quilt?

Where does the liberal insanity end? Sharon Brooks-Hodge thinks that a stick figure using the color black is racist and wants to see “you white people” as stick figures on the quilt. Isn’t that racist? Oh wait… it’s not racist when it’s a Liberal doing it.

Gateway Pundit


That happened.

Reportedly the councilwoman made one of the students cry through her strident insistence that the children from the Piedmont Governor’s School were racist because they chose the color black (which is the absence of color and light) to describe how they felt before they were enlightened by the knowledge they gained a school trip.

I think Sharon would get along spectacularly with John Wiley-Price of Dallas, who thought the term “black hole” was horribly offensive and racist at a County Commission meeting in 2008. Someone get these two on the phone with each other, they will be BFFs that will provide us with nonstop entertainment as they travel the country declaring which uses of the word “black” are racist in their view.

It will be the best comedy film of the year.

Thought the Oscars would probably put in the drama category for being a “heart-wrenching discussion of the inherent racism of the English language.”

My advice to Sharon Brooks-Hodge, grow a thicker skin or keep your mouth shut. Not every phrase uttered that uses the word “black” in it is meant to refer to your race.

You made a child cry because you called them racist for a kindly meant gesture and a handmade quilt.

You are a terrible person and that has nothing to do with your race.