A Pox Upon Modern Feminism

I really dislike feminists.

And by that I mean that I dislike 98% of modern feminists.

Women like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony have my respect. Women like Marie Curie, who was a successful scientist in a time where men owned the field of science 9 times out of 10, and women like Abigail Adams who did what they could to influence their husbands when they had very little voice of their own. These are people I respect.

Modern feminists are, 98% of the time, vulgar and utterly terrible at doing any sort of effective activism.

Take FEMEN for instance, they don’t change anyone’s mind or work to change laws or cultures, they just run around half naked, being a nuisance, and trying to recapture the days of protesting flower children. You find me one person whose mind they have actually changed through their antics or one law they have successful overturned or changed.

I’ll wait.

Oh, you couldn’t find one? That’s odd. I mean they are “activists” right? Maybe not, since activism involves actually creating some sort of  change for your cause.

I guess that makes them more of an impediment for equality than they are activists for it, because the only people cheering them on are the choir that already agrees with them.

One of my friends on tumblr shared this clip of a crowd of feminists protesting outside of a lecture titled “From Misogyny and Misandry to Intersexual Dialogue” at the University of Toronto on April 4, 2013

Sorry, no, this isn’t a protest, this is harassment and complete lack of civility or open-mindedness.

I honestly don’t know anything about Warren Farrell, the man that these lovely folks were protesting, but I wouldn’t find this acceptable even if he was a “rape apologist” as these ignorant masses were describing him. It’s not very open-minded to try to shut someone down from speaking their mind, nor is it very liberal to harass people who are going to hear a lecture on a topic so that they can expand their horizons.

How many people in that crowd had ever even listened to an entirety of anything Farrell had ever said I wonder?

Somehow I get the feeling that it wasn’t a lot of them. We’ve seen before that liberal and feminist movements sweep people up in a frenzy of marches and protests, where half the participants don’t even know what they are protesting or what the signs they are holding up even mean.

In this video the crown physically and verbally harasses attendees, so much so that in some cases the attendees asked the police to help them get away from the foul mouthed women (sorry, “womyn”) and men.

The protesters chant “this is what men’s rights look like” to a group of well-behaved security and police and the well dressed and mild mannered attendees that they were guarding.

Compared to the feminists behavior, I’ll take the behavior encouraged by “men’s rights” any day. Every other word (literally) out their mouth is a curse word. They can’t make an argument and 60% of their vocabulary is made up of “rape apologist”, “fuck”, “scum”, and “patriarchy”. They call the police pigs (as if they are 60s era hippies at Woodstock) and make pig faces at them.

Honestly it’s like watching a bunch of 5 year olds throwing a tantrum at the same time.

This is feminism?

I’ll do without thanks.


  1. I agree those people are screw ups in the communication department, but writing off the modern feminist movement based on small pieces is just the same as writing off Islam for the pockets of violent Muslim terrorists. Anyone and anything, even PUPPIES (oh no!), can be made to look bad given the right/wrong examples of behavior.

      • Try Google for five minutes. TEDxWomen talks hold great examples, as do groups like End Violence Against Women International (www.evawintl.org). Try to remove your bias for a moment and actually see the forest, not just a few trees.

        I’m also guilty of bias, of judging all Republicans based on the conduct of guys like Todd Akin and similar old farts. It took long conversations with conservatives (especially more traditional, moderate Republicans) that I know and/or are related to in order to recognize and accept that I’d been ignoring the good in favor of all the hugely-public bad examples.

        I actually find your blog fascinating, but you’re very biased to the point of venom. I read back a few dozen posts to see what you normally write, and you’re very articulate if angry. And I admit, I’m one of those liberal hacks you rant about; I found your descriptions funny and sometimes true, if not about myself then about people I know.

        And, to be honest… I probably would’ve left well enough alone if I’d bothered to read your About section or seen your other posts. I was browsing the “feminism” topic when your post showed up, so I read it and replied completely unaware of any context.

        I’m sure I’ll be reading you again, though. I really do enjoy seeing the other side of the political fence. 🙂

        • I don’t prefer to see it as ‘venom’, it’s biting sarcasm. But since it’s targeted toward you and yours I can see where you would think that.

          And I never said their were not some legitimately good feminist groups, as I said in the post: I dislike 98% of the feminist movement. What I said was that I have yet to see any proof that this is not representative of the MAJORITY of the feminist movement. One example from you does not provide me with that evidence either.

          And yes, I’m biased. I have values and ideals and I stick to them. My bias is backed up with experience and factual evidence however.

          • I could say the same, as far as experience and factual evidence. My “one example” largely said to Google it; as I said with my own bias, it takes a willingness to see something other than the negative for us to find it.

            Saying 98% of feminist now suck is an overstatement; reverse it. The loud, obnoxious 2% of in-your-face idiots are intolerable. I can’t stand “angry feminists”, the male-bashers and violent protestors that make the news, but that doesn’t mean that my friends and I are all like them.

            Biting sarcasm is a better phrase. I like it! My word choice sucked, but I’m just not caffienated enough to think of better synonyms sometimes.

  2. Slow clap for you. This is sickening. I think the first part of equal rights are that both sexes are equal, not women trying to act dominant because they feel they are entitled to be so.

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