Hotbed of Racist Tension: The Phoenix District 8 Election

The race for the District 8 Phoenix City Council seat has been anything but fair and clean and it’s also got next to no coverage from any outlet other than Arizona Central or Phoenix NewTimes, and trust me, I get it.

It’s a city council seat, it’s not exactly a state legislator or governor’s race, much less a congressional seat and there is almost zero chance that the new district 8 seat in Phoenix will have long term effects on politics outside of my little corner of the world, but the sheer level of racist rhetoric in this race has been sticking in my craw ever since I heard about it, in January when Kate Gallego was being attacked by a friend of Reverend Sharpton.

Yeah, that Sharpton.

The race card is pulled on an almost daily basis at this point, but one of the districts (not mine, thank god) in my city is undergoing a landslide of racism at the moment. District 8 has historically been a “black district” which apparently means a white person can’t run for office there without it being tantamount to “lynching” the black community politically, according to Jarrett Maupin.


The Snark Who Hunts Back

The story has since grown to attacks on a second person running for the same seat.

This time the attacks are coming from Cloves Campbell Jr., the son of the founder of The Arizona Informant who wrote a slightly veiled and incredibly insulting piece in his newspaper recently. The title of which was “The ‘House Negro’ Is Unfortunately Alive And Well”.


Since Campbell, according to AZ Central, has endorsed the only other black man who is leading the race (Reverend Warren Stewart) we are left to assume that this diatribe was addressed to the other black man currently in the top running in the race, Lawrence Robinson.

Here’s a snippet of the article.

Now in today’s world this Negro immerses himself in his job with nothing but white folks. He goes to Starbucks, eats in Scottsdale and even goes to happy hour with his new friends.  He tells his friends how connected he is with the Black Community. He goes to the church “down there,” gets a haircut “down there,” and even eats at Mrs. Whites Golden Rule Café once every quarter. His confidence begins to swell, as though  he  can  say  anything.  He has the unmitigated gall to start telling folks he was instrumental in Arizona getting the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday! This Negro has lost his mind! He is beginning to suffer from “the Illusion of Inclusion.” As a matter of fact this Negro decides that he should rep- resent Black folks as an elected official!

Arizona Informant

And here I thought that people ran for office to represent all the people in their constituency, not just the people of their race.

This city council election is dirtier (and more full of racist tension) than the 2008 and 2012 Presidential elections combined!

If we can’t fight this kind of politics and race baiting on a local level, how can we ever change our national politics?

For those people who are attacking the race and lifestyle of those running for office, you should be ashamed of yourselves. If you can’t attack their political positions, only their race, you are a mockery of democracy and this country.

My bad, I thought that ending racism involved not judging people (or yourself) on the color of their skin or the color of the skin of those people they call friends. How dare a black man associate outside of his race, that’s surely the path to evil.


This article is not an endorsement for any candidate in the District 8 race (in fact I’m not a big fan of Gallego’s or Robinson’s policies), nor an attack against any candidate. Merely a chance to expose the hypocrisy and racism in Phoenix elections.