Are You an Idiot?: Visiting Mexico

expectationMexico gets a large amount of it’s income from tourism. 

College students looking to get wasted on spring break, cruises that stop in popular tourists towns, terrorists looking to party a little before crossing the border in the United States illegally*, that sort of thing.

So why in the world are they doing their best to make Mexico look like a place where Americans are not welcome?

You would have to be insane to visit Mexico these days and I’m not just talking about general crime. I’m talking about tourists being targeted, imprisoned, and sometimes killed.

Here’s just a taste of the recent insanity out of Mexico.

Most recently a mother of 7, from my own state of Arizona, was arrested for “drug smuggling”. Which actually means that she and her husband were the “rich” Americans on the bus, so the Mexican police figured they could blackmail a few thousand dollars out of them. Too bad that they didn’t happen to be carrying $5,000 on them, because now she is being tried for a crime.

A group of vigilantes took over a city that is a popular tourist destination and instituted their own version of law in March. Several tourists have been shot due to the fact that they ignored road blocks that the vigilantes have put up on the roads around the city of Tierra Colorado.

Last year Jon Hammer, a former marine, was imprisoned for nearly 5 months in a Mexican prison (well known for corruption and extremely bad conditions) because border patrol agents falsely claimed that the antique shotgun he was traveling with was legal to be in the country. Photos of his imprisonment included images of Hammer handcuffed to a bed.

The United States actually issued a travel warning earlier this year that travelers should avoid the country because of the high rate of rapes, murders, and other crimes being committed in Mexico at this time.


The government really needs to get its act together, but considering how corrupt everything is down there (and has been for years, my parents remember having to bribe officials when they visited and that was over 20 years ago) I’m not holding my breath.

As it is, tourism needs to dry up.

Find somewhere else to party on spring break and save yourself the trouble. The problems you are likely to face just aren’t worth it and maybe if the tourism dries up a bit and their economy gets even worse, Mexico will think twice about letting these sorts of things happen in their country.


*Okay, I made that 3rd one up. It could happen though.



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