The New Predatory Gay: Armed with the ACLU and Looking to Sue

When it comes to getting people to accept you in general society, there is a little give and take. You aren’t going to get everyone in the world to accept you, someone is always going to have some problem with you, as the Pink song says:

Done looking for the critics, cause they’re everywhere

They don’t like my jeans, they don’t get my hair*

You really just have to learn to love yourself and stop worrying what other people think so much, but the gay left is so hyper sensitive that everything is a direct attack on them and every one and every thing that goes against them makes them so angry that they have to attack attack attack constantly.

Frankly I pity them.

The specific reason for this post is to remind the gay left that suing people and getting them sent to jail because they wouldn’t bake you a cake, is sort of the epitome of childishness and isn’t do you any favors when it comes to gaining acceptance with others.

Masterpiece Cakeshop, owned by Jack Phillips and based near Denver, Colorado, is at the center of the dispute after David Mullins and Charlie Craig attempted to order the baked good from the business last summer.

Phillips, declining to provide service after learning of the couple’s sexuality, cited his Christian beliefs. But Mullins and Craig aren’t accepting Biblical arguments as a viable basis for the refusal.

“We were all very upset, but I was angry and I felt dehumanized and mortified,” Mullins said in an interview with the Associated Press.

The Blaze

Oh boo-fucking-hoo.

Someone with a private business wouldn’t make you a cake and you felt “dehumanized”, talk about being a complete wimp. Get over yourselves and grow up. You are acting like a 12 year old girl.

Yes, I’m pissed, because this goes against everything a believe about private business. You should be able to discriminate at will in a private business and I can discriminate at will on whether I shop there.

The free market, it’s a beautiful thing. **

Suing people just makes you both look like dicks, you get that right?

David and Craig, put on your big boy panties (or big girl panties, if that’s your thing, I don’t judge. I sleep in boxers) and get over it. Get your cake elsewhere!

What is it with people who feel the intense need to force themselves on people who don’t want them around? I mean, I understand the urge. I go to the farmer’s market with a re-usable NRA tote bag for my organic vegetables just to piss people off, but if they kicked me out I wouldn’t sue them for it. I would find a new place to buy my tamales and pickled okra and move on with my life.

Either you want to get through life like normal human beings who deal with being rejected on occasion or sue your way through life.

One way will gain you acceptance or at least the “tolerance” that you so highly value, the other will just end up justifying the disgust you get from people who believe you are trying to ram your gayness down everyone’s throats.***

You sue bakeries, and churches, and bed and breakfasts and then you wonder why people are saying crazy things about churches being forced to perform gay marriages.

The precedent is there. You want to force everyone to act the way you want and then sue them or put them in jail when they don’t.

So much for tolerance.

“It gets better” as long as you do exactly what we tell you to.


*Well that second line isn’t important, I just like it.

**And yes, I feel that applies to any private business. If I owned a duplex and didn’t want to rent to someone based on any reason whatsoever, I should be allowed to. If I was a Nazi (which I’m clearly not, some of my best friends are Jewish*) and didn’t want to rent to Jews, that should be my right…and, well, why would Jews want to live in a duplex next to a Nazi anyway?

– On a second note, if I walked into a bakery and wanted to order a cake for a Bat Mitzvah and it turned out the place was run by Nazis and they wouldn’t bake a cake for a Jew, I would leave and go to another bakery. I would tell all my friends about the Nazi bakery and they might lose business, but I would not sue them.

– And what if I ordered a cake from a bakery, not knowing it was run by Nazis, and then I cancelled the order upon learning they opened their bakery every day with a few stanzas of Horst-Wessel-Lied followed by a Heil Hitler or two. Could they sue me for discrimination?

***No innuendo meant…maybe.


*No seriously, I’m not a Nazi



  1. OMG! I feel the same about this. Why can’t the gay left understand that discrimination is okay. Hell, we discriminate in everything we do. And another thing.. i am so tired of gays who sue the companies (private and public) just because the companies don’t want to hire them for one reason or another. It pisses me off..ugh!

  2. Hello. I Love the idea of the NRA bag in the farmers’ market. But- has any stall ever refused to serve you because of it? What if all of them did?

    The problem comes if everyone refuses service. If no landlord will house a gay man, then he is homeless. If everyone in a town believes that is good and right and the gay man is going to hell, then when he is beaten up they won’t much care, he had it coming. One nutcase nazi in one small American town is just an irritant, but nazis in power killed six million Jews- and gays, and gypsies, and others.

    I tend to feel people will not sue churches, because one wants a wedding in a congenial place, and where they tell ridiculous lies about God hating God’s own creation, or those bible verses meaning those ridiculous things, or the Centurion’s pais “not” being a gay lover- it is not congenial. Imagine a wedding where the preacher preached you were going to hell. A preacher saying “Yes, of course I will do your marriage ceremony” and making the vow “Till Hell us do part”. That would not be what I would want for my wedding.

    • First of all, frankly I don’t care. A private business has the right, or should have the right, to make decisions on who they serve.

      Second of all, 51 percent of Americans now support gay marriage, whether I agree with them on this is irrelevant, the point being that over half the population is even more tolerant of gay marraige than I, a gay woman, is. Your supposition that people not wanting to bake a cake for a gay marriage is the lead in to something like the holocaust is ridiculous.

      Third, why would they want to buy a cake from people who don’t support gay marriage anyway? Why give money to a bunch of rotten homophobes amirite?

      Unfortunately you are wrong about gay couples not suing churches, it has happened. Though in this case it was not specifically about them performing a marriage, but it was about whether they would rent their facilities to a gay marriage. The precedent is there and you can’t pretend the gay community isn’t sue-happy, don’t even try to argue the point.

      Lastly, here’s some numbers. I grew up in a small town, very small, but we still had more than 3 bakeries, all of which provided wedding cakes. 51% of people support gay marriage and in 2011 there were 8,800+ commercial and retail bakeries in the country. 6,000 of those are retail alone. That means there are, statistically, 3,000 retail bakeries (this is not counting family bakeries presumably) that are run by people who support gay marriage and probably more who would have no problem making a cake for a gay wedding, regardless of personal feelings.

      So your supposition that someone would not be able to find a single bakery to bake for them or a single apartment to rent to them is ridiculous and quite frankly I’m sure you know. Especially considering the number of apartment complexes that are owned by large corporations and would not discriminate or care to discriminate against gay couples or take state/federal funds for their apartment complexes and therefore would not be able to discriminate in that way.
      Plus the couple was in Denver, I guarantee that there were more bakeries that would provide that service.

      None of this invalidates the fact that the action of the couples was childish and not actual helpful if that want people to believe they care about “tolerance” toward other people’s beliefs.

      I could go on, but you get my point. You’re argument is cliched and trite and means nothing in the context of reality.

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  4. Yeah, this whole idea of suing a small business that barely gets by to bend to the whims of gay people is repellent. Some of these cases are downright foolish. A few months ago, Arlene’s Flowers up in Washington state was ambushed by gays because the shop refused to service a gay wedding. I am incredulous that gay men, who could probably locate a sex partner on Mars, couldn’t locate a gay florist in Washington state. Absurd. I came out of the closet at age sixteen, when Carter was president. At fifty, I have had it. I tore up my gay membership card a long time ago.

    • I tore up mine when a group of gay men and women spit on me at Pride because I stood up for a Republican candidate for mayor who set up a booth at pride to talk to voters.

      That’s why I’m calling them “Predatory Gays”. I feel like they are targeting these businesses (maybe not all of them, but some of the cases) and then getting the ACLU or whoever involved when the expected rejection occurs.

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