Follow Up To Yesterday’s Post: Why I Support Discrimination

Basically, yeah. Get your nose out of my business and go shopping somewhere else.

Yesterday I wrote:

Someone with a private business wouldn’t make you a cake and you felt “dehumanized”, talk about being a complete wimp. Get over yourselves and grow up. You are acting like a 12 year old girl.

Yes, I’m pissed, because this goes against everything a believe about private business. You should be able to discriminate at will in a private business and I can discriminate at will on whether I shop there.

The free market, it’s a beautiful thing.

And I guess I need to explain that a little more fully.

Or maybe just repeat myself.

Look, if you have a private business, whether that is a restaurant, bakery, or an apartment complex or rental home or any other business that you privately own (meaning you have no government subsidies and no shareholders to keep happy) you can, or should, be allowed to discriminate at will.

Now if you decide to discriminate against people (you won’t serve Jews, rent to gays, or hire black people) you may take a blow to your business. This is because of the free market, the same reason why I believe in your right to discriminate. The free market means that you are undoubtedly not the only restaurant, bakery, apartment complex, or landlord within a reasonable distance and if you turn away customers, who then go talk to their friends and family and tell them not the shop there for whatever reason (even if they aren’t Jewish, gay, or black. I’m white and still wouldn’t to a KKK restaurant) that is not good publicity and chances are your local news will catch wind of it and you will end up with loss of business.

I support your right to discriminate. I don’t have to like you for discriminating.

A good businessman usually cares more about their bottom line than they do about the sexuality, race, or religion of their customer. Despite the fact that, if I owned a business, I might be tempted to charge every moron wearing a Che Guevara shirt or driving around with an Obama sticker on their car a 10% increase on services just for dealing with their stupidity, but I highly doubt I would actually do that because it would be really bad for my company’s business.

But I should be able to do that if I want too.


Before I’m done I will explain my two exception to this rule.

The first is hard and fast. If you have government subsidies, whether state or federal, (like the first apartment I ever lived in, it was low income housing and the owners received subsidies for that) you can’t discriminate.

Why? Because I pay taxes, Jews pay taxes, gay people pay taxes, black people, white people, yellow people all pay taxes.

Where do your government subsidies come from? Oh that’s right, taxes. So if I’m helping pay for you to run your business, you shouldn’t be discriminating against me.

My second exception has more to do with your investors and shareholders and your relationship with them.

If you are only discriminating against people your shareholders and investors are against as well, you probably won’t have a problem. If your investors don’t like your discriminating tendencies there are three options, they can take their money elsewhere, you can change your practices to keep them happy, or they can ignore the situation as long as their investment is making them money.

And in some cases, your investors will WANT you to discriminate against someone. Guess what, it your business. They can take their money elsewhere.

Starbucks did it.

Basically, if you run your own business or don’t care what your investors think, you should be able to run your business as you want.

If someone doesn’t like how you operate, they can go somewhere else.

The free market bitches.


  1. I agree with you; as long as the business in question doesn’t require roads, trains or planes; doesn’t require water or waste disposal; doesn’t require telephones, cable, satellite or internet, no owner, employee, or investor has ever had any education; no financial institution is being utilized, I could go on, but I doubt it would change your mind.

    • You are ignoring the fact that the owner of the business pays taxes on their income and their company’s income which pay for those.
      It’s not as if they are getting something for nothing.
      They also pay for a water bill, waste disposal bill, telephone bill, cable bill, satellite and internet bills and they pay for bank accounts and for the accountants.

      So yeah, if you want to stop charging them taxes and keep providing them all those services for free, then we can talk about how they don’t have the right to discriminate.
      I could go on, but I doubt it would change your mind.

    • So let me get this straight your argument is that a person only has a right to conduct business if they agree with the government? Yes right now you’re an idiot and out of the mores of social convention if you discriminate on race or sexuality. But in say 1930’s South it would be the other way around. If we went with your beliefs that people should be forced by law to do things against their beliefs and not serve whom they wish to serve, then you are saying that Jim Crow was perfectly legal because it was the government forcing the mores and beliefs of the public at the time on an individual business. Please remember the Plessy v Ferguson, the case that wrongly stated separate was equal, was a case of the railroad companies not wanting to enforce Jim Crow laws. But since you believe if they use any government service they must conform to government wishes then you must believe that it was right to say blacks and whites couldn’t ride in the same car, to hell with what the company wanted.

      Only the most ignorant of fools believes their government will always be in the right, and only the most naive believe that giving them the power to enforce beliefs on people and companies won’t end in disastrous consequences.

  2. If I were a fundamentalist Christian who owns an apartment complex, housing laws being what they are, I would be forced to rent to an obvious gay couple. But would Jews, for example, who own a similar building, be forced to rent to obvious Skinheads? I don’t know the state and local laws on that one.

    I know that as a gay man, I have been abused and have even had bottles thrown at me when I entered two black-owned businesses in “tolerant” Berkeley, and I (we) have often experienced ethnic owners of Mexican restaurants, in San Francisco no less, seat us in the back and serve us with plastic utensils and paper plates. A Chinese restaurant did the same and served us with rubber gloves (!). The same thing occurred in an Afghani restaurant in Fremont, California. We didn’t have a nervous breakdown, we just left and never went back.

    If I were a business owner, would I discriminate against blacks, Mexicans, Chinese or Afghanis? No. However, if the restauranteurs I described above had previously experienced rowdy gay men who tongue kissed and behaved in a gay-male-boorish way, I might have been equally cautious about the behavior of future gay male customers and protective over my business. And if I regularly experienced bad behavior in my place of business from young black males, such as a loud “bitches-ho” vocabulary, or audible mutterings of “Alau Akbar” from Afghani college students, believe me, the paper plates and plastic utensils (definitely plastic in that case) would be on the table.

    Frankly, I don’t fault such business owners. Just as word gets around that a place discriminates, perhaps the message will sink in to such customers that few people value that behavior. Society’s degenerates now rule over us because they know that the sledgehammer of the government will protect them, and they control the political party (D) that taxes the rest of us for their destructive behavior. Someone has to stand up to public barbarism; Lord knows everybody else caves in. Hats off to businesses who discriminate. If a few gay eggs get broken in the process, so be it.

  3. There used to be a time when most Americans behaved well or at least tried to show good manners. But along the way, that was termed “hypocritical” by the “if-it-feels-good-do-it-in-the-road” crowd. Well, sure it was hypocritical, but so is holding in a fart at the dinner table when you’d rather let it out.

    Today, we do it in the road and we fart out loud. And all of that came about due to the left and their desire to be “authentic” and “honest” and “anti-elitist.” Disapproving of bad behavior is now considered a form of discrimination, and that has hobbled the ultimate form of disapproval, which is enforcing the law. And who gets penalized? The people who don’t s–t on everybody else.

    Again, free association above all.

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