Rush Limbaugh Called It: Everyone Stop Bullying that Witness!

And by “bullying” we mean “asking questions to”, because it’s clearly inconceivable that a defense lawyer would ask pointed questions to the prosecution’s witness in order to poke holes in their story.

Except that if you’ve watch Law and Order even a single time, you would know that this is exactly what lawyer’s do to the witness of their opponent.

Yesterday at 6:54pm (Western time) Mediaite put out a story Rush Limbaugh saying that Zimmerman’s lawyer would be called a bully for daring to actually question a witness.

“They’re going to call this guy a bully, before this is all–this lawyer, who is–I mean, he’s desperately trying not to say anything, he desperately wants the witness’s testimony to speak for itself, but he’s making sure, he’s asking her to repeat it, and he’s gonna end up being the bully. You wait and see! Creepy-ass cracker bully! That’s what the lawyer’s going to end up being.”

Limbaugh via Mediaite

And lo and behold, at 7:20pm, Jezebel put out a story on just that.

Rachel Jeantel is the key witness for the prosecution in George Zimmerman’s trial. She is the last person to have spoken with Trayvon Martin before he was killed. She is 19 years old, she is not media trained, and she’s still shaken up and wracked by guilt because of her friend’s death.

[Sheri Williams} adds, “Yesterday, young black womanhood seemed to be on trial instead of Zimmerman.” And, indeed, social media users have heavily criticized Jeantel’s hair, her body, her grammar, her perceived (lack of) intelligence, her diction, and her attitude. This whole situation is, fairly obviously, a horrific melting pot of racism, classism, sexism, and fat-phobia, and it’s leading many to doubt her credibility.”

– Why Is Rachel Jeantel Being Treated Like She’s the One on Trial?

Funny, I could have sworn that we were questioning her credibility because she’s lied several times on the stand already and insists on acting like a hooligan on the stand (using phrases like “that’s real retarded”, which I thought was a big ‘no-no’ word for liberals”) and trying to insist that terms like “creepy-ass cracker” aren’t meant to be racist slurs.

*shrug* well, that’s why I’m questioning her credibility at least.