Happy Independence Day

freedom motherfucker

Basically how I feel on this day.

Our country’s founding was really pretty awesome when you think about it. Our founding father’s committed treason because they believed they could create a better country than the one they were part of. Think about the kind of strength that takes.

Most of us aren’t even willing to risk a confrontation by returning to a store when they overcharge us for milk.

They wrote something that I believe will go down in history as the greatest “kiss off” letter to Britain and it’s words should inspire* anyone who reads it.

These men created a system of government that, when followed, would work so seamlessly that it boggles the mind how we’ve managed to screw it up so thoroughly in this day and age. No system can truly account for the idiocy of the human condition it seems, but they did try and sometimes we can still make it work.

“A Republic madam, if you can keep it.”

Can we?



*Though please don’t let it inspire you to steal the Declaration of Independence, please! And if anyone gives me crap for using a scene from National Treasure, I’ll write you a spectacular kiss off letter. I love that movie!