The Liberal Gay Community, Once Again, Doing Tolerance Wrong

I’ve argued with my share of street preachers, both when I was a liberal and an atheist and as a conservative Deist. You know what I never felt the need to do? I never felt the need to physically assault them, not even one single time. If they were too ridiculous to take I simply removed myself from their vicinity and walked off, maybe after telling them that they were a moron (I don’t claim to be a polite person).

In Seattle, in a public place near a gay pride event, the “tolerant” gay left couldn’t hold in their anger though and instead of being adults (which might have been a good thing to be one you have a baby in a stroller with you) they chased a couple of guys holding a sign and a Bible, screamed abuse at them and cursed them out, and assaulted both of them multiple times with shoves, attempts to steal their sign, and finally actually punching one in the head several times.

(Warning: vulgar language and violence)*

Let me make one thing very, very, very clear to the gay left (or the left in general). You have the right to disagree with someone, you even have the right to argue with them in a public setting, you have the right to be an asshole (which you invoke regularly in my experience), but you do NOT have the right to physically assault someone because you disagree with them.

This doesn’t make you look good, it won’t make people accept you and (just like most of what goes on at Pride, in my opinion) this only emphasizes and proves the negative stereotypes that people associate with you and, this is important, it makes you look like complete tools when you keep preaching “tolerance” while beating the ever loving crap out of people that disagree with you.

Great job.

I’m ashamed to be associated with you by virtue of my sexuality. Please go away and stop ruining it for the people who actually want to live peaceful normal lives.


*Please note that the woman in the striped shirt who was chasing the man with the sign around and cussing him out (occasionally trying to stop the shirtless guy from getting violent) is pushing a baby stroller at 4:08 and 4:28, the baby is visible at 4:38 when the police officer removes containers of alcohol from the baby stroller. Where exactly was this baby through the first 4 minutes of this video?



  1. Cool story. I guess whenever a gay person (or a few hundred or thousand each year) receives a beat-down that would make what this street preacher received look like Candyland it’s just some drunken, criminally minded yahoo and nothing to do with social conservatism or Christianity, but when this street preacher tells people they are child molesters and are going to hell and gets beaten for it it is those darned intolerant libs at it agin.

    • You are an idiot. Any “beat down” is wrong, where did I write anything that would make you think I thought otherwise? However I spend a lot of time calling out the gay community, because very few other gay people seem willing to do it.

      I guess it’s just “intolerant” and “hateful” of me to point out when they are being violent, hypocritical morons though right? It makes me a “traitor” to say that the gay community does anything other than shit rainbows and puke glitter and frolic with unicorns in meadows of wild flowers while curing cancer and feeding soup to the homeless.

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