Pounding the Pavement…Literally (This post is mostly pointless, sorry)

I wish it had been raining, honestly that would have been less uncomfortable than this sauna like weather.

I’m not sure how many of my reader’s know this, but I don’t own a car.

This isn’t because I’m some sort of green freak, obviously. I could care less about my carbon footprint. I just never got a driver’s license.

I know, I know, I’m in my early twenties. I should have managed that particular right of passage by now, but I just never felt the need.

Also cars are expensive. Gas, parking, insurance, general upkeep, it adds up fast and I’ve never exactly been rolling in money. Somehow that magical check from the Koch brothers never appeared in my bank account. I’m pretty sure I should sue liberals for false advertising.

Anyway, my lack of car usually doesn’t matter. I carpool to work and my friends like me so much that they are willing to pick me up, just so they can hang out with me, but then there are days like this which explain exactly what the phrases “feels like a sauna”, “hot as hell”, and “pounding the pavement” actually mean.

See, I want to go back to school this fall. The hilarity of telling people I was a college dropout when they asked what I majored in at college sort of wore off a while ago.

But no one ever said going back to college after a 6+ month sabbatical would be easy. I’ve trekked between the bank (for a loan to pay off old tuition at my last school) to a college campus (only to find out the adviser I needed wouldn’t be in until Monday) then got a call informing me that I would need to go to a different campus for the school in order to talk to a different adviser in a different department, because apparently they have a grudge against my old school and might be able to help me get my transcripts without a loan.

But they weren’t in their office either.

Finally, sweaty and exhausted and wearing hose (which were clearly invented by the devil) I trudged into a “fair trade” cafe because it was the closest place with air conditioning that might serve something made with ice. I was right, though I have to put with obnoxiously liberal modern art/music while I cool off.

But maybe this post does have a point. The point being that accomplishing your goals has to start somewhere and it won’t always be glamorous or comfortable and sometimes it might seem like everything from office hours to credit scores to the weather itself is out to stop you, but you can’t give up.

More importantly, you don’t need to ask anyone’s permission to accomplish your goals. You can, despite what the government would have you believe, be successful without someone propping you up.

All you need is a goal and the will to accomplish it, regardless of the people who tell you that you can’t.



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