Friday Spotlight On Pop Culture: The Offspring

(These are usually going to be posted on Damn Straight Politics and will be from next week forward, follow that blog for updates. The website is having technical difficulties today.)

offspringSo the thing is, conservatives sometimes get a bad rap about pop culture. Like my generation thinks that Republicans are all a bunch of ancient, boring, geriatrics who only listen to classical music and hobble out onto the lawn to shake our canes at teenagers about being on our lawn and telling them their music sucks.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Now my taste in music and tv is usually called “eccentric” by my friends (which is probably their nice way of telling me I’m lame) but I’m going to ignore that and introduce you my version of awesome music and TV and fandoms each and every week (barring illness or flaking out, which happens on occasion).

This week we’re doing music and my band of choice, Offspring

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