They’re Even Reading About Tyler Weaver in Polish!

I wasn’t going to write a follow-up on the Tyler Weaver story, but then I found that a Polish website had linked to my article on the reading competition throw-down in Hudson Falls, New York.

Screenshot 2013-08-23 at 4.31.14 PM

That article generated the same amount of website traffic, from more areas of the world, in 3 days that my entire blog generates in a month.

You go Tyler.

The story may seem small, in the grand scheme of things I didn’t write about it because it was a big story, but it was indicative of a general attitude that pervades our country these days.

Those that are exceptional, those to succeed too much, should “step aside” and let the little people win occasionally. Except that’s not the way to create a successful nation. The success of our country is built on competition, not hamstringing the best members of our society to make others feel more successful.



Jezebel Doesn’t Think Science Has Anything to do With Health Insurance

Just replace "women" with "Jezebel writers".

Just replace “women” with “writers for Jezebel”.

Great job Jezebel.

They think that TIME magazine is “trolling” feminists by saying that women should pay more for health care…because science says they incur more healthcare costs.

Today’s TIMEtroll is brought to you by Hadley Heath, who is a woman so it’s somehow more genuine/credible if she tries to argue in a way that is contrary to her own interests/dumb. Heath argues that women should pay more for health insurance because they consume more health care, and having everyone pay the same amount for health care isn’t fair to the men. Poor men. Always getting the shaft in everything.


Strangely they aren’t bothered by the inequality involved in men paying more on car insurance, since science shows they have more accidents. They bring that up and then dismiss it, essentially saying “bah, you men are whiny bitches. Women pay the same as you for lots of other shit!”

What other stuff to do we pay the same for? Stuff like taxes and airplane tickets and all you can eat restaurants, not to mention the horrible rape culture and patriarchy and stuff.

Thanks for enlightening me Jezebel, but none of that has anything to do with Insurance premiums, but good job ignoring science in favor of making the ‘insurance and medical science are sexist!’ argument.


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