Jezebel Doesn’t Think Science Has Anything to do With Health Insurance

Just replace "women" with "Jezebel writers".

Just replace “women” with “writers for Jezebel”.

Great job Jezebel.

They think that TIME magazine is “trolling” feminists by saying that women should pay more for health care…because science says they incur more healthcare costs.

Today’s TIMEtroll is brought to you by Hadley Heath, who is a woman so it’s somehow more genuine/credible if she tries to argue in a way that is contrary to her own interests/dumb. Heath argues that women should pay more for health insurance because they consume more health care, and having everyone pay the same amount for health care isn’t fair to the men. Poor men. Always getting the shaft in everything.


Strangely they aren’t bothered by the inequality involved in men paying more on car insurance, since science shows they have more accidents. They bring that up and then dismiss it, essentially saying “bah, you men are whiny bitches. Women pay the same as you for lots of other shit!”

What other stuff to do we pay the same for? Stuff like taxes and airplane tickets and all you can eat restaurants, not to mention the horrible rape culture and patriarchy and stuff.

Thanks for enlightening me Jezebel, but none of that has anything to do with Insurance premiums, but good job ignoring science in favor of making the ‘insurance and medical science are sexist!’ argument.


It’s not like Hadley Heath’s article didn’t give you actual proof or anything. This wasn’t just some random opinion piece.

First, let’s address the obvious. Women carry and deliver babies. Maternity care is expensive, and a rising number of women are taking on these costs without the help of a husband (nearly half of American first-child births occur outside of wedlock).

But child-bearing is not the only reason women’s health costs are higher. There are certain non-sex-related ailments that plague women with more frequency.  When I sustained my second significant injury from running this year, I learned that stress fractures are more common among women. This also goes for strains and sprains. Women’s bodies tend to be smaller and more prone to wear and tear.

Yet women also tend to live longer. Life expectancy for American women is 81 years, compared to 76 for men. That’s great news for women who get to enjoy more life, but it’s also five more years of costly doctor’s visits and treatments.  Men have a shorter lifespan, in part, because they are 3 times more likely to die in accidents (13 times more likely to be killed while at work), and 3 times more likely to be murder victims. Unexpected and sudden deaths are tragic, but they are also cheap compared to other deaths due to long-term health conditions.  End-of-life care can be the most expensive kind of health care, and women survive to consume more of it.

Women’s greater attentiveness to their own health likely also contributes to their longevity.  Pregnancy and child-bearing aside, women seek preventative care and visit doctors more often.  But these additional screenings cost money, and the person receiving the care should pay for it, not other members of her insurance pool (community-rated or not). After all, women may reap the benefits of this behavior by living longer lives; they should also take on the costs.

Hadley Heath (TIME magazine)

But lets ignore that in favor of incoherent rambling about oppression and wage gaps, that seems rational.

So yeah, insurance companies are putting out more money for women’s healthcare in the long term (and sometimes short term) than they are for men, generally speaking.

I’m not sure if Jezebel writer’s realize this or not, but Insurance companies are actually businesses. The operate with the same mentality as any other for-profit business, spend less money than you receive. On a monthly or yearly basis your insurance companies takes in a certain amount in premiums for plans that cover certain things. If you have a really bitchin’ plan that covers everything from childbirth and cancer screenings to breast implants and nose jobs, you are going to pay a heck of a lot more in premiums for that plan compared to a base health care plan.


Because chances are that your insurance company is *gasp* going to have to pay out more money to your doctors than they would on an average plan.

It’s not their fault that your high maintenance Jezebel, your the one that thought that having a plan that covered tattoo removal was an absolute necessity.

No matter what plans they offer, an insurance company is always gambling that they will expend less in payments than they made in premiums.

Crazy that they would want to make enough money to pay employees and keep the lights on right?

Stupid capitalists.

So if medical science shows that women are going to need more medical care over the course of their lives, then clearly their premiums should be higher, so that the Insurance company can hedge their bets that they will still be in the black financially at the end of each year.

This is the exact same reason why men pay higher car insurance premiums. Studies have shown over and over that men are more likely to get into a situation where GEICO or whoever is going to have to pay more money out on their behalf. Blame it on those patriarchal urges if it makes you feel better, men just seem more prone to accidents and road rage for some reason.

Actually that’s why insurance premiums are higher for drivers between 16 and 25 as well, we are bad drivers and statistically sucky at life decisions when it comes to who we vote for.* I’ll be the first to admit that most people in my age range are functionally mentally retarded on most fronts.

Liberals love to talk about those “science illiterate” climate change deniers, but on their side they have people who are completely ignoring medical science and reality.

Because sexism or something.


*Thanks for re-electing the moron, morons.



  1. I work for a health insurance company, and while rates for young women are higher than those of young men (if the rate plan even calls for a distinction), the rates for older men are higher than those of older women. This is mostly because women go to the doctor more in youth (and have babies), while men don’t, but because of that they need more medical care later on.
    I tried reading the article to see if they addressed this, but could only manage two sentences.

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