Huma’s Ultimatum: Tiny Bit Hypocritical Don’t You Think Hillary?

Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin 1aAccording to a “close associate”* there has been a sort of ultimatum put on the table between Huma and Hillary.

Then came a second episode of Weiner’s sexting this summer, blindsiding the Clintons, obliterating Weiner’s mayoral ambitions, and greatly complicating Abedin’s future with the Clintons. With Weiner’s ignominious loss and parting bird-flip, “Huma has a choice to make,” says a close associate of hers. “Does she go with Anthony, or does she go with Hillary?”


One might have good reason to ask Hillary if this ultimatum isn’t a tad bit…hypocritical coming from a woman who played the dutiful political wife through more public accusations (and proof) of infidelity** on the part of her husband than we have seen with any other President in the last 3 decades.

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Indonesia – Miss Islam: “What is the one most important thing our society needs?” “That would be more Jihad, Mohammed”

Muslims in Indonesia, apparently greatly displeased with the Miss World pageant being held there, have launched an alternate event entitled “Muslimah World”.

“Muslimah World is a beauty pageant, but the requirements are very different from Miss World — you have to be pious, be a positive role model and show how you balance a life of spirituality in today’s modernized world,” Muslimah World pageant founder Eka Shanti tells AFP.

According to Al Arabiya, choosing the 20 finalists from 500 applicants included “competitors reciting the Quran and sharing anecdotes of how they can to wear the headscarf, which is a requirement of the show.”

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#BurnTheCard: I refuse to give you my voluntary cooperation

(most of this was originally posted on my tumblr, but I wanted it on here as well)

FreedomWorks has reached the same point as me on the issue of Obamacare. They have started to work on a program called Burn the Card, which is:

This is a symbolic gesture to refuse government coercion by not purchasing health insurance through the exchanges. This doesn’t mean we want students to go without health insurance, we just want their insurance to actually be affordable, and most of all, voluntary. Students can purchase health insurance from a third party, an option that is not only legal, but in most cases, much cheaper.

The most exciting part is that we’re taking this message to college campuses. We’re partnering with Young Americans for Liberty; the largest pro-liberty organization on college campuses in the country, and the College Republicans. We are encouraging student groups to send us their best video of them burning their cards and simply saying no to government coercion. We also need them to educate their fellow students about ObamaCare.

Jeff Scully (via FreedomWorks)

Okay, so I actually may have reached a step further on my “can’t even” scale than they have, because I’ve reached the point where I stick my tongue out at the government and say “I’m not going to buy this and I’d like to see you try to make me pay the fine for it”.

What are you going to do about it Obama?

Garnish my wages?

HAHAHAHA! You can’t get blood from a stone.

Put a lien on my property?

I have no property morons. No house, no car, not a single thing for you to confiscate or put a lien on.

Confiscate my tax return?

*shrug* Okay.

Put me in a minimum security security prison against constitutional rules about debtor’s prison?

Oh please do. I’ll get 3 square meals a day,  a bed, and probably a cake decorating class and yoga.

Not to mention free healthcare. Shooting yourself in the foot there.

You can’t do anything to me at this point.

So the jokes on you I guess.

I took a little lesson from both Martin Luther King jr. and Henry Rearden of Rearden Steel.

Civil Disobedience and refusing to give the government your voluntary cooperation in your own destruction.

“That is the flaw in your theory, gentlemen,” said Rearden gravely, “and I will not help you out of it. If you choose to deal with men by means of compulsion, do so. But you will discover that you need the voluntary co-operation of your victims, in many more ways than you can see at present. And your victims should discover that it is their own volition – which you cannot force – that makes you possible. I choose to be consistent and I will obey you in the manner you demand. Whatever you wish me to do, I will do it at the point of a gun. If you sentence me to jail, you will have to send armed men to carry me there – I will not volunteer to move. If you fine me, you will have to seize my property to collect the fine – I will not volunteer to pay it. If you believe that you have the right to force me – use your guns openly. I will not help you to disguise the nature of your action.”

– Hank Rearden (Atlas Shrugged)

So who’s with me? I hope you all are, because we have to be together on this. That’s the only way civil disobedience can work.

You just have to stop being afraid of what they can do to you and then they no longer have power over you.

If you are working toward a principle and you refuse to given in to their threats and bullying and endless paperwork and anger, eventually they realize they have lost the cooperation of the people. Their only option from there is force and then they have truly lost.

A September Evening (via Sultan Knish)

For a while, the eyes still seemed to see them there, perfect straight lines rising into the sky, an empty space on the horizon that your mind filled in without even thinking. You walked past, and thought, “Of course they’re there. They’re always there” and you saw them as they were, grey ghosts of steel rising above the rubble. You saw the city as it was and then you remembered that city is gone.

New York, the old grimy bustling city, has made way for two cities. The Bloombergian city of the yuppie toting a bag of organic groceries to her Citibike and the miniature Detroits of housing projects and endless grievances.

The old imaginary city still exists in the countless movies being filmed on every block where space aliens, monsters and superheroes regularly rampage past stereotypical cabbies with Brooklyn accents, but that city is fading away.

The tourists flock to see the shadow of that city which lingers on like the shadow of the towers.

On September 11, Ground Zero was New York. Today you can see Mexican and African vendors peddling commemorative patriotic knickknacks made in China and on a bad day the Truthers show up howling their contempt for the site. Tourists stop by and pose for snapshots with their families. Office workers walk by without thinking. The site, like the towers, is just something that’s there.

Tonight and the night before as the towers of light cast blue beams across the sky, we remember but memory is a destructive medium. Each year the memories grow fainter. People ask each other where they were that day but the stories grow fainter each year and the memories of walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, stumbling through the ash or handing out sandwiches to rescue workers have dimmed.

To walk through the darkness toward the towers of light is to pass through a city of shadows. In a stray glimmer of light reflecting from a storefront or a puddle you can still see the old MISSING posters covering every face and dark trucks filled with grim men tearing apart the street asphalt. You can catch glimpses of a city reeling from the incomprehensible.

New York City is used to tragedy. Terrible things happen here all the time. The oldest photos of the city show the same stunned faces, legs lying in a puddle of blood, gawking children and stern cops frowning at something we cannot see. And relentlessly the blood is washed away, the tears are dried and the city moves on. September 11 left behind more blood, more legs and more frowning police… but the ashes have still been dumped in a landfill, the tears dried and the city moved on.

(Read the rest at Sultan Knish)

A very thought provoking and beautifully written piece.

I normally write a piece myself on this day, but I just can’t bring myself to do so this year.

Things Feminists Hate: Disney Princesses – Merida

BraveI have a special place in my heart for this movie for multiple reasons, one of which is that I finally gained a Disney/Pixar princess that shares my name (My name would, traditionally, be pronounced “Merida” in Scottish Gaelic) and another is that this movie came out at an time in my life where I was going through much the same series of fights with my own mother.

Well, I mean, she wasn’t trying to marry me off to a Scottish Lord, but the concept applies. My mom wanted me to live life the way she thought was right and I wanted to make my own decisions. As a 21 year old woman in America I had a lot more freedom to do what I wanted than Merida of course, but it was still morbidly hilarious to go see this movie with my girlfriend (who most of the arguments with my mother were caused by) and see the same scenario playing out.

Anyway, the story felt very empowering to me and in, what I felt, was a positive way. They didn’t make the mother out to be the villain nor was Merida entirely blameless in the story and I thought it was a very healthy way to show strong female characters who have to learn to compromise with each other and learn from each other, rather than insisting that their way is the only way to do things. Also, after that hellishly bad mother/daughter relationship in Tangled, they needed to clear the air as far as mothers go.

brave-trailer-pixarSo, we have a Scottish princess who climbs cliffs, shoots arrows better than any of the men, rides off on her own adventures in the dangerous Scottish wilderness, and stands up for herself when her family tries to marry her off. What’s not for feminists to like?

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I Am Not Anti-War

The Token Libertarian Girl delivered a very heartfelt, emotional, and (in my opinion) completely off base assessment of why she is now anti-war and ashamed of her past support of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and I feel the need to separate my views and denouncement of the current threat of action in Syria from her view. I recognize her right to her own opinion, I just don’t think it’s based in reality.

I’m a robot though. My friends will tell you that I often try to remove emotion from any political opinion I have. Sometimes this pisses them off.

I’m not anti-war. I’m about as “neocon” as it gets, if by neocon you mean someone who is pissed as hell and sees no problem killing off people who are a threat to national security.

I’m anti-dumb-asses getting us involved in wars without thought of consequence or responsibility or any long-term plan.

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