Huma’s Ultimatum: Tiny Bit Hypocritical Don’t You Think Hillary?

Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin 1aAccording to a “close associate”* there has been a sort of ultimatum put on the table between Huma and Hillary.

Then came a second episode of Weiner’s sexting this summer, blindsiding the Clintons, obliterating Weiner’s mayoral ambitions, and greatly complicating Abedin’s future with the Clintons. With Weiner’s ignominious loss and parting bird-flip, “Huma has a choice to make,” says a close associate of hers. “Does she go with Anthony, or does she go with Hillary?”


One might have good reason to ask Hillary if this ultimatum isn’t a tad bit…hypocritical coming from a woman who played the dutiful political wife through more public accusations (and proof) of infidelity** on the part of her husband than we have seen with any other President in the last 3 decades.

Of course these rumors may be completely false. Maybe Hillary doesn’t care whether Huma stays with her little rat-bastard of a husband or not, but appearance is everything with Democrats and somehow I doubt that, if Hillary told Huma to leave her husband, it was out of respect for Huma or a belief that she deserves better.

All that matters it the appearance Hillary can project.

She was the pitiable wife who stuck by her man in the 90s.

Now she’s changed to power suits and feminism for the 21st century and having a top aid married to a philandering pig just wouldn’t look good for her PR.


*New York Magazine did not make it clear if this was an associate of Clinton’s or of Abedin’s…or both. Very sloppy.

** Not to mention the accusations of rape.



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    Shayn Roby’s Take: Indeed it is hypocritical of Hillary to expect Huma to leave her husband after the garbage that she endured from former President ‘Slick Willie’ Clinton. However, there’s more than meets the eye here. Meredith has overlooked the very distinct possibility that Huma and Hillary are a couple. How else does Huma afford her expensive wardrobe and lavish apartment furnishings. Perhaps she is a kept woman.

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