Twitter Made Me Do It: “And maybe if the Internet didn’t exist?…I’d probably get elected mayor.”

If your excuse it "the computer made me do it", your computer interface better look like this.

If your excuse is “the computer made me do it”, your computer interface better look like this.

There’s nothing that annoys me more than someone placing the blame for their stupidity on an inanimate object. Especially an inanimate object like “the internet”. I’m not exactly sure why I’m surprised that Anthony Weiner found a new way to annoy me.

Saying that you probably wouldn’t have sent pictures of your junk to women if the internet didn’t exist (or worse: wouldn’t have got caught if the internet didn’t exist) is like saying “I wouldn’t have cheated on my wife if she put more effort into looking attractive”

You’re trying to excuse your actions, but it just ends up revealing even more flaws in your own character.

What’s next? Bob Filner saying “Maybe if the women weren’t so attractive, I wouldn’t have sexually harassed them.”

Clinton: Maybe if my interns weren’t women, I wouldn’t have gotten busy in the oval office with Monica Lewinsky.

Ted Kennedy: Maybe if women were better swimmers, I wouldn’t have let Mary Jo Kopechne drown.

For liberal feminists out there, this is basically the equivalent of “It’s not fair that I’m going to prison for rape. I wouldn’t have raped that woman if she hadn’t been dressed so provocatively.”

Could Anthony Weiner get any more creepy and pathetic?

Well, yes… “I’m just an empty, soulless vessel, so it doesn’t hurt me as much.”

That’s definitely more creepy and pathetic.

Weird penis photos or not, I think New Yorkers should be glad that they don’t have a man who describes himself as a “an empty, soulless vessel” as their mayor.

Because really? What the hell?

The only thing weirder than this interview in GQ is the fact that Weiner was given and interview…by GQ.