You Never Know Who Your Writing Will Influence


Once it’s out there, it’s out there for good and anyone can read it.

That’s why I want to apologize for my sometimes haphazard spelling and sloppy editing. My brain moves faster than my fingers and I usually think whatever I’ve typed is so brilliant that I can’t wait for an editor to look it over before I press “publish”.

It’s one of my faults.

Anyway, I bring this up because I discovered something quite insane today about where my writing had ended up and why.

A teacher apparently assigned it* as reading for a writing prompt in their AP English class. I don’t know why, but apparently my series on Peter Singer’s Solution for World Poverty was the sort of thing that she wanted her class to read in conjunction with Peter Singer’s actual essay.

What the hell?

Yeah, I’m confused, kinda flattered…but ultimately confused.

I would really like to know how and why my blog was selected for this, but I don’t know if I’ll ever find out.

It’s a cool thing to have happen though.

As my mom said when I texted her about this development: “Ah, teaching critical thought to the youth of America!”

That’s a pretty awesome, if terrifying, thought.


So when you are writing, just keep that in my mind. You never know who you are going to influence.

So maybe one more pass through spell check is called for.**


*I say “apparently” because I don’t know where these kids go to school and none of the entries specified that she assigned my blog. Still, it’s too coincidental that all of them wrote about my blog.

**Also make sure you have your facts straight and do your research.



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