December 1st: Brace Yourself, Christmas is Coming

Brace-yourselves-ChristmasI haven’t bought anyone any presents yet.

That’s mostly because I’m broke, but also because I like to horribly procrastinate until the last minute before I start having a panic attack and rushing all over town to find the right gifts for people.

I’m a bit of a masochist at heart.

I’m also a huge fan of Christmas.

I told my mom this morning (while making biscuits and discussing making gingerbread) that if you can’t be cheesy and schmaltzy around Christmas time, then when can you be?

So we pour on the sentimental cheesiness during the holiday season. Christmas music everywhere, gobs of decorations at home and at work, Christmas trees and pretty wrapped packages, and hopefully a chance to give to charity a few times.

Christmas isn’t just a holiday or a season, it’s a mood and a state of being.

And yeah, that’s pretty schmaltzy.

Go ahead and laugh.

In the spirit of Christmas I won’t punish you by withholding sugar cookies.

Here’s a couple of Christmas songs by Pentatonix, you should buy the whole album.