Guns Are Tools, So Are Drones: Don’t Fear Technology

I love the 21st century.

I love the 21st century.


I’m never quite sure when to take Megyn Kelly seriously. She has the art of sarcasm and trolling down to a science and it confuses her guests into saying things they wouldn’t normally, but sometimes she ends up confusing me too.

So on last night’s episode, when she was talking about how she didn’t like the new Amazon drone delivery, I wasn’t sure if she really didn’t like them or if she was just playing devil’s advocate.

I’m going to write this article as if she was being serious, since she wouldn’t be the only conservative I’ve seen talking like this.

See Amazon wants to innovate in the realm of delivery and start dropping packages at your door by drone.

The idea would be to deliver packages as quickly as possible using the small, unmanned aircraft, through a service the company is calling Prime Air, the CEO said.

Bezos played a demo video on 60 Minutes that showed how the aircraft, also known as octocopters, will pick up packages in small yellow buckets at Amazon’s fulfillment centers and fly through the air to deliver items to customers after they hit the buy button online at

The goal of the new delivery system is to get packages into customers’ hands in 30 minutes or less, the world’s largest Internet retailer said. Putting Prime Air into commercial use will take “some number of years” as Amazon develops the technology further and waits for the Federal Aviation Administration to come up with rules and regulations, the company added.

USA Today

There seems to be quite a few people worried about this because the word “drone” brings to mind all sorts of nasty things these days.

Let me explain why you are wrong to freak out about this.

These drones are not armed, not government controlled, and they are not targeting Americans with anything other than awesomely cool new ways for the free market to give us instant gratification.

Personally I’m all for that.

Amazon is like any other business. They are looking to cut costs, innovate, and find better ways to keep their customers happy. That’s at the heart of free market ideas.

In fact, as conservatives, we should be annoyed that Amazon is having to jump through circles of fire in order to get permission from the government to conduct their business.

Drones aren’t going to land on your children or drop deliveries on your pets…probably. If they do then they will have the inevitable probem that comes with loss of business, so they will be doing their best to insure their technology isn’t pancaking Spot the dog or beheading little Timmy on his way to the bus. This is a private business after all and if there is one things that conservatives know, it’s that the free market is infinitely better than the government at almost anything they put their mind too.

These are not the drones you are looking for when you you think of Rand Paul filibuster about drones being used by the government to track and police American citizens on a whim.

This is the absolute coolest kind of innovation and we shouldn’t be fighting that. We should be applauding the fact that companies like Amazon are still trying new things and striving to improve their business.

We should be ecstatic that Nissan is one step closer to a car that can drive itself.

We should be excited that pretty soon we are going to have beer that doesn’t give you a hangover.

Technological advancement is kick ass.

In short, stop being boring old fuddy-duddies about drones. Drones, like guns, are not inherently a bad technological tool. What makes a drone (or a gun) bad or good is solely in the hands of the people who control the tool and what they choose to use it for.

Spying on Americans or ruining their afternoon coffee by shooting them at a cafe? Not cool.

Delivering a 5 pound bag of gummy bears to my doorstep in half an hour? That’s very cool.