The Liberals Who Cried Wolf: Hoax Rape Threats and Homophobia

The fantastic Daniel Greenfield wrote a piece called “Manufacturing Intolerance” on Saturday and it brought up the issue of Dayna Morales, the lesbian waitress with such a compulsive need for attention and sympathy that she lied about a family refusing to tip her because she was gay.

Why do people think this is a good idea?

It’s not the first time, nor will it probably be the last, that someone in the gay community (or anywhere I suppose) manufactures some sort of bullying or discrimination in order to get attention.

It’s less of a “gay thing”, in fact, than it is a “liberal” thing.

They love their manufactured outrage, as Greenfield points out. Anything to prove the twisted world view they have.

The world is homophobic, let me prove that by manufacturing homophobia.

Men are evil, let me prove this by manufacturing rape threats from men.

Please pity me for being so oppressed…by my overactive imagination and victim complex.

None of this does anything to address any actual problems in society, all it does is distract people and when it, inevitably, comes out that you are a lying, fraud-riddled, scum bag you hurt the credibility of every person who has ever actually faced a similar situation to the one you manufactured. Every accusation of actual abuse has to be reconsidered because you have poisoned the well.

I think that’s what really yanks my chain. It’s not that you are willing to lie to prove that your view of society is correct, that’s something I refuse to be shocked by anymore. Liberals in general will do anything to prove that society is utterly, 100%, racist, sexist, and homophobic.

After all, how else could you convince people that we desperately need government intervention to save all these oppressed people from losing their jobs or not getting wedding cakes from anyone they want. It’s that you damage the credibility of the, relatively few but still significant, people who have actually faced this sort of treatment.

You don’t care about truth or justice. You care about your ideology of government intervention. So please don’t tell me I’m the “intolerant” one when you are the one who cares more about using people for your own personal gain, rather than actually caring about the person.