No shit Sherlock: Arizona Prosecutes Huge Numbers of Illegal Immigration Cases

Thanks for that inane piece of news, Arizona Daily Star. This is shocking.

Here I was, expecting Minnesota or Tennessee to be in the running for top 3 illegal immigration prosecution states.

Except, of course, AZ Daily Star  doesn’t actually give you the numbers or a link to the study and when you go to the website for the Syracuse Research Center you can’t actually look at the annual study…just month to month.

The latest numbers available (September of 2013) actually put Arizona as the 4th state in illegal immigration prosecutions (5th if you count them by district as the SRC does), but as I said in the title: No shit, Sherlock.

We are a border state with a very active crossing for illegal immigrants coming across the border into the United States from Mexico. Considering that we don’t exactly have a thriving Canadian illegal immigrant problem, there is nothing surprising that Texas, California, New Mexico, and Arizona have a more active prosecution load when it comes to illegal immigrants.

The only reason this is being thought of as news is because the Arizona Daily Star buried the statistic in some heart-wrenching puff piece about a 22 year old illegal immigrant who isn’t being given citizenship because she has a felony on her record.

Oh you poor, poor baby.

Let me play the world’s smallest violin for you.

Meanwhile, thank goodness we are actually prosecuting illegal immigration and not just letting it slide.

If AZ Daily Star thought this would be shocking to people, they really need to reevaluate their idea of reality.


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