Does It Really Matter How The Salvation Army Feels About Gay People?

New_Angel_Tree_Logo_DMGWhen I was young I used to get my parents to give me money so I could buy gifts for a child off the Salvation Army Angel Tree at the mall in my town (yes, there was only one mall where I grew up, insane right?) and then when I got older and had a job and my own money, I did the same thing.

Then something went a little screwy and became a crazy of the “liberal lesbian” kind and went on a hardcore rampage against the Salvation Army because they aren’t all sweetness and light and fluffy bunnies when it comes to how they sometimes talk about gay people.

So I stopped giving money to the Santa’s outside stores…and I stopped participating in the Angel Tree.

It wasn’t until several years later that I realized how absolutely terrible I was being.

I still don’t put money in the pot for Salvation Army, but that’s more because I want to control where my money is going when I give Christmas Charity.

That Angel Tree is an entirely different story though.

There should never be an Angel left on those trees come Christmas Eve, because no matter how you feel about the Salvation Army’s opinion on gay people, those children didn’t do anything to deserve your disdain or punishment, just because they are getting their gifts delivered by the Salvation Army on Christmas.

So no, it doesn’t really matter to me what the Salvation Army thinks of my sexuality. What matters to me are those kids.

It’s Christmas.

That’s what should matter to you too.

It’s Christmas. Please don’t be petty.



  1. I heard that it wasn’t real, that it was doctored to say “Gays Not Allowed”. Reguardless if the Salvation Army’s opinion is negative or not, i’ll still give money to them, although i have not perticapated in the Angel Tree this year but i will still put money in the red pot.

  2. The Salvation Army is indeed a very conservative organization. When I was in college (way back in the last century), I met a lesbian who was involved with them [in her previous life as a married–as in traditionally married–person] and confirmed their antigay stance.

    Regardless, antigay organizations or individuals can still do decent things. The SA almost always gets high marks from charity watchdogs and probably do more good, dollar for dollar, than many of their feelgood ‘competitors’ who either say they love gay people or just don’t give a crap.

    I’m always a bit amused by those who think that the rest of the world simply must approve of them or whatever they believe in order for them to not get their lingerie in a bunch. While I wouldn’t think of giving money nor the time of day to organizations whose mission it is to raise money to “Stop the Gay Agenda!”, simply being opposed to something does not equal “hate”; it simply means they hold a differing view.

  3. Thank you for this blog. It is refreshing to find someone who realises that boycotting The Salvation Army’s Christmas collecting really just hurts the people whom we try to help. I would also like to point out that while The Salvation Army does hold “traditional” views on sexual behaviour, this applies to members of the church. We do not have any policy of discrimination when it comes to providing help: so far as we are concerned, if you need help we will do what we can.

  4. THANK YOU! Finally someone else realizes how absolutely STUPID it is to not want to donate to the Salvation Army on the basis of their so-called “anti-LGBT” views. Besides, their views are probably not extremist anyway. It’s probably the typical Christian “I think being gay is a sin but I’m not gonna shame you or attack you for it.” I made a post about this on tumblr a few weeks back, after originally seeing someone make a post about how the bell-ringing santas can “go fuck themselves” and was relatively disturbed by the fact that others didn’t notice the problem with that statement. It seems left-wing stupidity knows no bounds.
    Anyway, in the words of the Salvation Army themselves: “Please, remember to give.”

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