Advocating Censorship: No, Jennifer Lawrence Was Not Being Hyperbolic

It’s a good thing she’s cute as a button, otherwise this would have killed all her redeeming qualities in one shot.

“The word ‘fat’ I think should be illegal,” the Oscar winner told Walters. “If we’re regulating cigarettes and sex and cuss words, because of the effect they have on our younger generation, why aren’t we regulating things like calling people fat?”

The Daily Caller (Jennifer Lawrence ABC News Interview)

My sister loves Jennifer Lawrence (I can’t blame her, she’s adorable), but she’s also a very intelligent 16 year old with relatively conservative ideals. She knows Obamacare is stupid, she supported Romney in 2012, and she’s well aware that regulation (of business or speech) is a really stupid idea.

When I told her what Jennifer Lawrence said though, she claimed that she had just been “making a joke” and pointed out that I say things like that all the time.

I do actually. I told my dad, just the other day, that his puns were so bad that they should be illegal.

That was a joke.

What Jennifer Lawrence said was not.

Watch the video for yourself.

This is how a huge percentage of my sister’s generation (a generation that idolizes this actress) thinks. “If it hurts someone’s feelings, it should be illegal.” You can find posts saying almost that exact thing all over the internet, posted by whiny adolescents (and people in my age bracket as well) who think that what is right or legal should revolve around what THEY think is acceptable in society.

I have news for you Jennifer Lawrence, you aren’t tolerant if you’re only “tolerant” about things you agree with. You have to be tolerant of people you think are assholes too, because you can’t legislate tolerance, human nature does not work that way.

Calling people fat is not the problem.

The problem is that we have raised a generation that is so dependent on what other’s think of them that they completely lose it when they are criticized or embarrassed by someone.

You were doing so very well there for a while, being the teen idol that was encouraging girls to be themselves and refuse to care what other people think of you…and then you had to go and say something like this.

Now you are giving credence to the idea that it matters what assholes think about you. It matters so much that it should be a crime to say anything less than nice about someone.

Thanks a lot for enforcing that idea for your fans. I’m sure you’ve done them a great service.




  1. Man, fuck censorship. And my government teacher senior year tried to tell me that advocating censorship was something more typically conservative than typically liberal? Bitch please.

  2. Note: To give you perspective on how insane my social studies textbook was, I live in Canada. it stated that liberals are the ones who advocate for freedom. They claim that conservatives want to make media wholesome and what have you.

  3. And by “freedom” they mean same-sex marriage (which was legalized in 2005.), abortion (which has one of the most permissive in the world; no laws exist thanks to our “Supreme” Court), and free crap like in Sweden. Sometimes, I feel envious of you guys.

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