Conservatives Are Getting Addicted to Being Offended

When I was reading Greg Gutfeld’s book, The Joy of Hate, this year I thought he was being a little melodramatic when he complained that Republicans/Conservatives were starting to get offended as easily as liberals. (I can’t remember where he said that and I’m sure it’s not an exact quote…my copy of the book is at home and I’m not.)

But unfortunately I’m beginning to see his point.

We spend an inordinate amount of time on petty issues when it comes to our news cycle.

I know it’s Christmas Eve-Eve and it’s naturally a slow news week. No one likes to talk politics right before Christmas.

So when I visited my news feed this morning I wasn’t shocked that there was a mere 147 new stories in my queue, as opposed to the normal 400+ that I see on a normal Monday morning.

What was surprising was the content.

At least half of them contained the terms “Duck Dynasty” or “Phil Robertson” in the title.

Frankly it’s been talked to death. There is nothing new to be said on this until the boycott fails or bears fruit. Even then it should be a tiny speck of news in the grand scheme of things.

There are WAY more important things to talk about at this juncture people.

I know, I know, you’re going to say “But MeredithAncret how can you say that!? It’s just a small part of the larger societal war on Christianity! If we don’t talk it death NOW then the government will be jailing us for speaking our mind next!”

No, you know what’s going to happen?

Did any of you ever read “The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf” when you were younger?

Every time you come out talking about how this is a violation of your first amendment rights (which it’s NOT by the way) you just leave people (like me) annoyed and completely unable to take you seriously.

Seriously, you all need to slow your roll, as the kids say.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

That sort of thing.

And that’s really all I have to say about that.

Like I said, it’s a slow news week.

Personally I’d like to see more debate over the issue the Utah judge that’s legislating from the bench again.

Or maybe we could have some rational discussion over the budget, instead of calling Paul Ryan a military hating commie.

Or the Ohio Democrat that wants all homeschooling parents to go through a social services investigation before being allowed to homeschool their children.

So maybe it isn’t a slow news week after all. We just don’t have our priorities straight on what the big NEWS items actually are.*

But I guess talking about how wrong it is for a private business to make an unpopular business decision, combined with the inherent need follow the Palin’s, Levin’s, and Huckabee’s of the world, who seem to be living for building hysteria, is just much more fun.


*Not to say that if you are religious this isn’t an issue you should debate to your heart’s content. I just find it completely ridiculous that this is the only news item that’s filling my feed from every New Media (and Fox News) outlet, except Drudge Report…that one seems to have mostly moved on.



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  2. And that’s the thing about all these “senstitive” conservatives. You know, guys like Billy Graham may not have believed as their opponents did, but they never begged quarter, and thus earned the respect of people. The Mark Levins, Shawn Hannitys, and their ilk are just more of what they claim to be against; self-absorbed drama queens. And nobody gives a damn about them, because there’s never a shortage of their kind.

  3. The only thing that offends me is the political correctness aspect of it. We live in an age where virtually everything you do is going to be online somehow. It’s scary to think that, if anything you say offends *anyone*, you can lose your job or have your reputation ruined. The liberals gloating about Phil Robertson losing his job just don’t realize political correctness goes both ways. What if they once said something offensive to the church or to military veterans? Personally, I wouldn’t want people to see stuff I wrote during my edgy angstheist phase.

    Freedom of speech has to include the freedom to make mistakes, and the freedom to be wrong. One thing I’ve heard is “freedom of speech doesn’t include the freedom of consequences”, but that’s wrong. You shouldn’t have to be held responsible for every single thing you said at every single point of your life. That’s why anonymous speech is worth defending.

    However, I don’t really care about reality tv stars, or what people think of them. If people think Phil Robertson was being offensive to gays, then they’re entitled to call him a bigot, a redneck, an asshole or whatever. The solution to speech is more speech. It’s definitely not something we have to hear about over and over again in the media.

    Merry Christmas.

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