In Defense of Disney Princesses: A Series


For some reason a particular subset of feminists seem to really really dislike Disney.

This dislike involves an ever moving goalpost on whether a character is “feminist” or just another weak woman-folk character waiting for a Prince to sweep them off their feet and save them.*

So here’s my series in defense of them, so that you can easily find all the entries I made. I didn’t quite make it through all of them, but maybe I will revisit Tiana (and the princesses from Frozen) at a later date.

Belle isn’t some weak-willed pretty girl using her sexuality to get away from home.

Ariel isn’t the poster child for plastic surgery.

Snow White isn’t about how a woman’s only redeeming quality is her housekeeping.

Jasmine isn’t just a political pawn with no personality.

Aurora isn’t the poster child for rape apologists.

Cinderella isn’t a story about how beauty is your only worthwhile attribute.

Pocahontas isn’t just about a doomed love with John Smith.

Mulan isn’t teaching girls that only men (or women who act like men) can get the job done.

Rapunzel isn’t just cleaning up some man’s messes.

Merida isn’t inaccessible to children because she’s a princess.

Feminists please! We are totally awesome role models.  You're just jealous!

Feminists please! We are totally awesome role models.
You’re just jealous!


*In the case of Merida, the feminists still find some way to take issue with the movie even though Merida breaks all the previous Disney Princess stereotypes of looking for her Prince Charming.




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