Progressive Ideology and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq

Sometimes you have an encounter that really reminds you of why the cradle to grave mentality of progressive politics can be so sickening.

I meet a lot of people in my day job and, because of the city I live in, many of them are from very different backgrounds and cultures. One in particular struck me the other day. It was a family where the father and mother had grown up in Iraq. They had moved here in the 90s, having grown up exclusively under the rule of Saddam Hussein.

The father had nothing but good things to say about Iraq. He had been given no choice on what he studied in school, no choice in how he received healthcare, and no freedom in almost any aspect of his life…but the government took care of him….and jailed anyone that didn’t follow the rules to the letter.

His healthcare was free and so was his education.

Good thing he wasn’t a Kurd I guess.

Sometimes it’s impossible to differentiate between the ideals that progressives strive for and the actions of a government ruled by a tyrannical (and ethnic cleansing) ruler like Saddam Hussein.

There is something truly wrong with that.

The scariest part is that people like this man, who were raised this way, see nothing wrong with it.

They are completely and utterly brainwashed into believing that having no freedom is fine, as long as you have the government giving you everything you “need”.

How many children of today’s progressives will have no wish to change anything because “freedom is overrated”?

How many will fail to realize that life isn’t worth living at all if you have no freedom?

How is it that we have reached the point where we are deciding that emulating Hussein’s Iraq and the failing country’s of Europe was a good idea?

Honestly it baffles me.