2013 Was An Extremely Stressful Year (Maybe this year will be better than the last)

and I’m not just referring to politics here.

Though that was stressful too. I went through nearly a year (from November of last year to November of this year) where I was completely and totally unmotivated.

As Bilbo said, I felt ‘like butter scraped over too much bread.’

I think most conservatives know the feeling and yes if you voted for someone other than Romney (or stayed home), I’m still more inclined to say “fuck you” than I am to be your friend at this point. It’s personal, not just political, for me.

It’s been a long year and these last few months have been especially exhausting.

It’s like when you are sick for a long time and then you begin to get better. Everything you do is exhausting, but you know that it’s necessary for you to recover. You have to  work on something, accomplish something, even though trying to do so feels like dragging yourself over hot coals mixed with broken glass.

But I like to think that once January 1st comes around I’ll be back to my old self and I’ll be ready to start on new projects, restart my brain and stop feeling so goddamn mentally exhausted all the time.

A lot has changed for me (and about me) in the last year. I’m less patient, I’m less inclined to small talk, I’m happier being single, I’ve updated my wardrobe, and I’m better at wearing heels.

I think, maybe, I might be on my way to actually finding myself and finding out what I want to do with my life.

I have half a dozen projects sitting around, waiting to be prioritized. I think it’s going to be a great year if I can get myself in gear and keep being positive.

This website will likely be transitioning to more a personal blog (and a place to rant about my opinions) rather than a research driven writing site*, which is was originally designed to be (a side affect of one of those projects) and I hope that my readers will remain loyal despite that. This website has been on the back burner for me for quite some time as it is and I apologize.

Like I said, it’s been a tough year.

Next year is going to be better. I’m absolutely sure of it.

Which isn’t something I’ve been able to say about a New Year in a very long time.


*I will still be writing similar pieces, but they will be almost exclusively written for Damn Straight Politics. The reasons for this will be made clear in the next week or so.

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