2013 Top 10: The most popular and the most weird search terms

I did this last year and so I think I’ll continue it this year, since the results were actually really amusing last year.

Here are the top 10 most used search terms that led to my blog in 2013:

  1. Super gonorrhea
  2. 20th century motor company
  3. Go forth and multiply
  4. Slut
  5. The snark who hunts back
  6. Mulan feminism
  7. Happy New Year
  8. I hate disney princesses
  9. Dirty sex and politics
  10. Response to Peter Singer poverty

And here are the top 1o weirdest search terms that led to my blog this year:

  1. Slut
  2. dirty sex
  3. “April fool” conservative
  4. women chained
  5. S.E. Cupp Salary (odd considering last year S.E. made this list with the term “Is S.E. Cupp gay?”)
  6. sex and dirty politics
  7. promised land flop
  8. ass stockings
  9. is S.E. Cupp gay (Oh, that was still there…)
  10. a lady cartoon thinking

What a strange year.