Feminists: If you want equality, then stop asking for special consideration

Look, if you want to be in the military and be in combat I don’t really see a problem with that. If you can do that job then more power to you, thank you for your service, but don’t you dare ask that you be giving lowered testing standards in order to qualify.

Now I apologize, for the most part I don’t think it’s actually military women who are bitching about this. It’s mostly feminist groups like Code Pink and whiny feminists on tumblr who think that if women have to put forth more effort than men to pass the test that it’s somehow “sexist” and “only in place to keep women out.”

I was told the other day by a feminist that it was convenient how my “bigotry” (saying that women should be held to the same standards as men in jobs) was disguised as concern for “safety”.

How stupid can these people get?

If you are trying to get a job in which people will be putting their lives in your hands and for which specific requirements have been put in place to insure that you can do the job safely and in a way which does not put other people’s lives (the people counting on you, including your own co-workers) at risk and you cannot meet those requirements, then I don’t believe you “deserve” that job.

I don’t care if you are male/female/a Tyrannosaurus Rex you should not be doing that job.

This applies in all sorts of fields.

Medicine: If you can’t pass medical school or finish your residency or keep your license in good standing, I don’t care if you have some specific gender or disability issue, you shouldn’t be practicing medicine. If you’ve wanted to be a surgeon your whole life and then you become HIV+, that really sucks, I’m very sorry for you, but you don’t need to be in a field where my blood could possibly co-mingle with yours.

Firefighters: If you cannot pass the tests put in place to insure that you can do the job of a firefighter, then you should not be a firefighter. Those tests are not designed by the patriarchy to keep the women down.

Soldiers: If you can’t complete boot camp/training then you should not be a soldier and if you cannot complete the training needed to be part of a combat unit then you should not be part of a combat unit.

It sucks, but when it comes to many jobs it doesn’t matter if you can do “part” of the job, because everyone needs to be able to pull their own weight. Your pride or your childhood dream to be [blank job] does not outweigh the necessity of you being able to do the job fully and completely, because those around you are counting on you to have their back and not be on the team because of some sort of affirmative action type hiring process, where women are giving a stripped down set of standards to make it more “fair”.

Women can pass these tests. Just a few months ago 3 female Marines completed infantry training that was exactly the same as what the men received and they passed it. Maybe you can’t pass it (Good Lord knows  I couldn’t) or maybe you need to work a little harder to get there, but you don’t need lower standards.

That’s not equality. Not at all.

Here’s the final point I want to make in this rant.

If you really want to go into a career field in which people’s lives depend on you, but you are trying to get the standards lowered because you can’t pass them, then you are not actually fit to be in that field. If you care more about “fairness” or your own pride than you do about the lives of those you are supposed to be protecting, you are a horrible person and you really need to rethink your choices.

Sorry, but it had to be said.


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  1. Ah, now this is a piece I wholeheartedly agree with. Feminism in and of itself is a great thing–meaning women should be given the same rights as men in voting, military, etc.–but then, oh snap, all of the sudden people are asking for extra rights. Meh, I don’t buy it.

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