It’s Always Okay For Someone to Not Like You – A Rant

I find myself at odds, once again, with another gay Republican. I wrote an article a few months ago on why I don’t make politics personal and what triggered it was an article written by Jimmy LaSalvia, recently of GOProud.

Now I find myself writing a response to something he’s said once again…and steadily getting annoyed at myself that I feel the need to continue doing so.

LaSalvia has decided to back away from the Republican party because he doesn’t like the “big government” Republicans who run the show right now. In the interest of fairness, I agree with him…of course I have some issues with a few of the “small government” Conservatives who are running things as well.

I don’t agree that divorcing yourself from the party is a good solution. Like it or not, we are going to have a 2 party system for a good long time…probably through the rest of his and my lifetimes. Chances are that Republicans will be one party and Democrats will be the other for most of the time I’m alive. It’s depressing, but America doesn’t change very fast…which is both a blessing and a curse at times.

But my disagreement with this is not the real issue I want to talk about. My issue is with another quote from him that appeared in this article, one that kinda pisses me off.

In March 2013, LaSalvia condemned conservative attitudes toward gay rights at the annual conservative gathering, CPAC. “There are a few in our movement who just don’t like gay people and in 2013 that is just not OK anymore[.]”

No Jimmy, that’s not a conservative thing to say.

It’s 2013 (2014 now), yeah…so?

Why does it suddenly become “not ok” for someone to not like you for being gay in 2013? Was there a memo? I didn’t get the memo.

Is it just being gay that it’s “not ok” to have a negative opinion on? Because it’s totally acceptable to dislike men who wear skinny jeans or Justin Bieber right now…will  that be “not ok” in 2019? Next decade? In 50 years?

Conservatives who actually give a damn about personal freedom and small government should not be saying “I’m going to pack up my toys and go home because someone doesn’t like me.”

Since when does a person’s personal opinion wipe out the core issues that we should be focusing on as conservatives? I get it, not having GOProud formally invited to CPAC was hurtful, but gay conservatives weren’t banned from the conference hall…I should know, I was there. Why? Because I see an opportunity for the Republican party to change, though it will take time and hard work, and I refuse to just pick up my toys and go home because someone doesn’t like me because I date women instead of men.

And I also know that trying to jam tolerance down people’s throats (Wow, I really need to find a better turn of phrase for that when it comes to homosexuality…) isn’t a conservative idea.

As long as all these people are all just “not liking” gay people, then that’s their right. You can’t stop them from doing it and trying to do so is really “not ok.” You’ll either change their opinion by being someone that they can like as an individual (mostly how my supposedly “anti-gay” friends are, they may not support gay marriage or march in Pride parades, but they sure as hell love me personally) or they’ll never change, but saying it’s “not ok” to have an opinion you don’t like…that smacks of some liberal ideas that I want no part of.

I’d rather spend my time with bigots who understand personal freedom than “tolerant” people who want to control my opinions.

Here’s an idea. Maybe that’s why some people don’t like gay people.



  1. Well, allow me to be a liberal who will not hate you.

    Interesting post, and I quite agree. The above quote is a pretty bizarre thing to say. Besides, virtually all of the greatest thinkers in history have plenty of people hate them. It happens. I’ll be looking forward to more posts.

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