I Cannot Take Your Self-Victimization Seriously Anymore: Homophobic Hoaxes

Over the last year or so we’ve heard numerous cases of “hate crimes” perpetrated on gay people. Of those the number that were hoaxes seem to have vastly outnumbered the real stories and the real ones are so pitiful that I hesitate to even call them “crimes”, as they were usually simple disagreements about whether or not a person has the right to force you to work for them against your own conscience.

Essentially the bakeries and photographers were making gay people “feel bad” because they wouldn’t bake them a cake or take their wedding pictures, but that’s not what I’m pissed about.

I can’t stand all the lies.

Hoax after hoax after hoax after hoax after hoax after hoax after hoax after hoax after hoax after hoax after hoax after hoax.*

This latest hoax, where in a New York talk show host fabricated a story (and visual aides) about a pair of gay dads who received a hateful response to a birthday party invitation they sent out for their daughter, isn’t anything new and it was proven to be a hoax within mere hours of the story being published.

However, it was believed to be real long enough for leftwing bloggers all over the internet to work themselves up into a lather about a story that didn’t even seem reasonable (in light of the history of hoaxes these past few years especially) and of which they seem to have made no real attempt to verify the accuracy.

Someone on the internet/radio said it, so it must be true.

We are told by these same bloggers in the aftermath of a hoax (if they bother to acknowledge they were wrong at all), that it doesn’t matter whether the story of the hate crime is true or not, because hate like this DOES exist and the fake stories are just a way to open the door to discuss and “important issue” in today’s culture.

If that’s true, then why does it appear that 90% of these stories fake? You would think that if this sort of hate really existed, and was as prevalent as the left wing seems to believe, that their might be some evidence of it, but instead all we get are strings and strings of falsified “hate crimes” that left-wing bloggers spew across the internet like the aftermath of a gas station sushi lunch.

Here’s the truth.

I refuse to take your self-victimization seriously any longer.

You are the architects of your own victimization. Whether by creating hoaxes and perpetuating them in order to make yourself look more pitiable or by advertising and perpetuating the negative stereotypes that “bigots” hold against you with every Pride parade you hold.

Are the people whose hearts and minds you really want to change going to be impressed with hoax “hate crimes” and penis floats? Maybe, just maybe, letting people realize you ARE just like everyone else by ACTING that way would go a lot further than constantly turning yourself into a victim or running down the street with a rainbow flag, shouting about how you’re here and you’re queer and you are a homophobe if you criticize me.

Maybe there are real people out there being discriminated against in this country, but if you can’t actually reach out and find those real stories (either because they aren’t there or the people involved could care less about turning a stupid hateful person’s comment into their own 15 minutes of fame) then please shut up.

Or better yet, why don’t you talk about something outside your own shores for once. Discuss the gay men being put on trial by Sharia Islamic courts in Nigeria or the gay men who are hanged in Iran. Talk about something real for a goddamn change, why don’t you?

Or are you so selfish that you can only consider American gays as worthy of your attention?

Or maybe you are just so politically correct that you couldn’t bare to be called a “racist” or “culturally insensitive” for criticizing the actual homophobia occurring in Middle Eastern countries on a frighteningly regular basis.

Whatever your reason is, it’s pathetic. Get off your ass, stop pretending you are somehow more of a special snowflake than everyone else (because you aren’t) because you are gay or trans or whatever, and use your brain before you perpetuate hoaxes just because they give you “feelings”.


*Apologies if a couple of those links are repeats. Some came from my own files and others came from Matt Walsh’s recent blog on the subject of hate crime hoaxes. I tried to make sure not to repeat stories, but it happens.



  1. I don’t get the point. There will always be victimism. After Christians made that a ‘thing’ under emperor Constantine, it caught on… Are you implying gay people don’t suffer persecution?

      • You mean like the ‘war on christmas’, “war on prayer”, “war on christianity”, “war on traditional families”?
        No one saying Merry Christmas is dragged into a park and beaten up with metal poles until their lungs collapse and they die in a coma days later. How’s that for reality?

        • How about the fictional “War on Women”?
          How about you stick to the topic at hand instead of trying to slither to another topic?
          How about you read my article all the way through before commenting on it?

          Nothing you just said invalidates my point, that 90% of the highly publicized cases of “persecution” in the last 2 to 3 years, if not longer, have been hoaxes.

  2. If bakeries don’t want to bake for people just because they’re gay then that’s discrimination and understandandable if it hurts their feelings, not everyone is as tough as you and shouldn’t have to be. I agree that people shouldn’t make up stories but if you think serious hate crimes against gay people are not committed in the USA then you are wrong.

    • Sorry, no. The fact that someone’s feelings are hurt is NOT a reason to tell someone that they are required to work for someone else against their wishes. That is called slavery, actually, regardless of whether the person gets paid or not.
      No one has a right to my labor unless I choose to sell it to them and anyone who thinks otherwise can bite me.

      And I will reiterate a point I already made in the post.
      If this sort of “hate crime” is so awfully common, then why are 90% of the stories that get publicity fake? Seems a little odd that so many of these stories have to be made up so that we can discuss how homophobic our society is. If this sort of activity was ACTUALLY widespread and common, wouldn’t there be REAL stories for us to hear about more often?

  3. The fact that there are unbalanced people out there seeking attention doesn’t in any way dismiss the seriousness of anti-gay crimes. In the past few years we’ve also seen (many) false rape allegations, false reports of missing children, fake kidnappings- all sorts of hoaxes perpetrated by people desperate for media attention.
    Your illogical argument is that if there are hoaxes that somehow translates to real crimes not existing. Sorry, but that’s not logic, nor is it true.
    Arron Keahey’s story was not a hoax. Daniel Zamudio’s story was not a hoax, he’s dead. Islan Nettle’s death was also not a hoax. Mark Carson is also dead.
    Of course there was also the Bronx attack, as the police commissioner noted: “He was thrown into a wall, made to strip naked, hit in the head with a beer can, cut with a box cutter, and sodomized with the wooden handle of a plunger,” -attackers held the victim captive for hours as they tortured him, including burning him with cigarettes.

    Are those stories real enough for you? Or are you too busy playing Cowboys and Indians, Us against Them, that you’re incapable of spending the time researching what’s actually happening out there. Instead you looked for hoaxes for no reason other than to reinforce your xenophobia and promote anti-gay sentiment.
    Just keep in mind that the next time a gay person gets attacked, it may be by someone who just stopped by and read what you wrote and now they’re feeling just that bit more confident that they may get away with it because the world is full of people like you who are prepared to brush aside real crime if it’s against a group of people you have no regards for. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Cool your jets.
      No, I am not responsible for some idiot’s actions and I don’t “brush off” any crime. Assault is assault, I don’t think it needs to be prosecuted in some special way because it’s a “hate crime” though. What makes an assault of a gay person somehow worse or more deserving of extra prosecution that an assault of a straight person? Don’t bother answering, there isn’t. I have a historical and moral issue with the current use of hate crime law.

      Secondly, at least one of those cases was not from the United States. You might notice I was focusing on American cases of gay hoaxes.

      Third, I never said that ALL cases were hoaxes. I said 90%. Including your number of attacks still brings the total percentage up to 90%.
      And if you cared about their attacks, you would be as pissed as I am about these hoaxes that drama queen gay people are using to get their 15 minutes of fame. If you won’t call these people out, then it’s MY JOB to do so to fill in the gap. If you don’t like it, you are welcome to go elsewhere and read something else.

  4. The difference between a hate crime is the motivation, not the identity of the victim. Intent is very much a part of what makes the law. Manslaughter is not 2nd degree murder, which in turn is not pre-meditated murder.
    Don’t think for a second that minimizing and dismissing real crime at the expense of hoaxes serves any purpose other than to further exclude and marginalize the lgbt community from society.

    • You clearly don’t know the history or intent of hate crime laws.
      If you don’t like people dismissing REAL hate crimes, then go bitch to the people creating the hoaxes. As I’ve said REPEATEDLY the majority of publicized hate crimes the past few years have been hoaxes and the fact that I have a brain necessitates that I remain skeptical of most hate crimes as a result.
      That’s the fault of the drama queens looking for their 15 minutes and the liberal bloggers who pretend it doesn’t matter that these events were hoaxes.

  5. Hoaxes don’t invalidate the reality of crimes, you’re the one doing that by making this association. If you had any intention of anything other than demagogy you would have given examples of the real crimes out there- or at the very least the FBI’s numbers on hate crimes which don’t concern false reports.
    This little display is attention seeking of the worse variety. It’s throwing the baby out with the bath water. Why don’t you go ahead and suggest women stop reporting rape because the occasional sports groupie has cried rape when her advances were rejected?

    • You realize of course that the point of this article was to talk about the hoaxes specifically. It was also not meant to be a research paper, but a rant. If you want researched articles check my website damnstraightpolitics.com. This is my personal blog where I rant about things that piss me off.

      Secondly, plenty of people discuss the occasional real cases of gay bashing, while it’s disgusting obvious that the gay left has no real intention of ever calling out the people doing the hoaxing. Evidenced by the people saying “well it might be a hoax, but hey even if the were lying it opens the discussion!” No it doesn’t, it closes the discussion. The hoaxers are doing gay people a disservice and the gay left are doing themselves a disservice by not calling them out as loudly as they possibly can.

      Put your strawman away. I never said that women shouldn’t report rape (or that ACTUAL gay bashing shouldn’t be reported) only that we need call out the hoaxes and realize that the MAJORITY of the gay bashing cases these days are eventually found to be hoaxes, so the idea that gay bashing is a prevalent and common thing is based on misconceptions that are packaged and sold by the media and the gay left.

      I’m sorry you have so much trouble comprehending that.

  6. I’m not justifying the hoaxes. On the contrary. I lay the blame squarely at the feet of the perpetrators and of the media. They all want headlines and they’ll sensationalize anything to get what they want- often without checking the facts.
    What equally doesn’t work is dismissing the whole concept because the concept is abused. It didn’t seem to me that you took real victims into account, however few or many they may be when you wrote this.
    By all means go after the perpetrators of hoaxes, or the media, or whomever- but don’t create a formula where anti-gay crime = hoax.

  7. Of course hoaxers are doing gay people a disservice but you are too by saying that just because there are hoaxes there aren’t many real hate crimes. You don’t know anything about the number of real hate crimes just because 90% of the cases that reach the media are hoaxes. And even if all real hate crimes are only 10% then that’s still too much. In the blog it sounded more like you were saying the hoaxes are a proof that hate crime against gay people are mostly just something the gay left is making up to victimize themselves. If you wanted to address how the hoaxes dismiss real hate crimes in the USA then I don’t think you did a really good job because you made it sound like there aren’t really any hate crimes to dismiss.

    • If you think that’s what I said, you didn’t read the article very carefully.
      I specifically called out bloggers and the media for not verifying their facts and told them to shut up if they aren’t going to do so, instead of perpetuating hoaxes just because they fit their narrative. I also told them that they need to find the REAL stories (if there are any) and publicize those.

  8. Come on Meredith, take responsibility and be honest. Your title alone says what you later imply. The underlying assumption is that LGBT people (in general) ‘self-victimize’ with hoaxes. If that’s not what you meant, then clarify it…

  9. I respect you for speaking your mind, Meredithancret. And I agree.

    Personally it seems like I get more flack for mentioning I’m Christian (when /asked/, no less) than anyone else would for admitting they were homosexual.
    For some reason, even if I have proven myself to be a level-headed, agreeable and non-judgemental person, as soon as I mention the C word, I’m suddenly not anymore :I

    I think if people managed to calm down enough to be rational and polite, this would be much less of an issue. I only have a problem with homosexuality when it’s getting shoved down my throat. Respect is a two way street..

  10. You hit the nail on the head once again. What’s worse, I’ve noticed, is the unnecessary victimization of other members of the community aside from actually gay and trans people. Namely; the so-called “biphobia” that I’ve been hearing about. They seem to think that people name-calling bisexuals constitute hate crimes. Give me a break. The only sort of oppression I suffer as a bisexual, I would still suffer if I was gay. And don’t get me started on this business of non-binary people wanting non-binary to be added as a gender option on surveys. (There’s a legitimate petition for this. Ugh.)

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