Hillary Clinton DID Have A Crisis Moment, Mika, and She Failed

Mika Brzezinski, of the morning “news” show Morning Joe on MSNBC,  seemed to think that it was a joke worthy of air quotes (much like I feel about her career) to refer to Benghazi as a Crisis Moment for Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State.

During a segment this morning it was pointed out that there wasn’t any one “crisis moment” to point to as an accomplishment in Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, as there have been in John Kerry’s term in the job. Because of that it’s supposedly more difficult to figure out specific accomplishments to list for Clinton when asked.

Mika apparently seems to feel that Benghazi was an air quote crisis moment air quote and mockingly says that Republicans will bring it up to attack Hillary.

So Benghazi wasn’t a crisis moment? Even if you deny that Hillary and the State Department had prior warning (though I’m not sure how you can) or you deny that Hillary and the State Department ignored requests for more security (again, not sure how you could, but for the sake of argument) then you still have to admit that a crisis did occur. Benghazi was Hillary’s crisis moment, her moment to shine and show the world her leadership qualities.

Instead 4 Americans were killed, including our Ambassador, and we got a long string of lies about youtube videos causing the riot.

hillary clinton -what difference does it makeHillary had her crisis moment and had she handled it properly I would be more than happy to call it an accomplishment, but she didn’t handle it properly. She failed at the key moment and let down the country and people who worked directly for her. Then had the gall to say “what difference at this point does it make” when asked what the cause of the attack had been.

She had her chance, she failed. Her one chance to have an accomplishment to hang her hat on and she failed.

So why should anyone believe she would be a good choice to lead our country? She couldn’t even lead the State Department.

I honestly don’t want to have to hear her say “what difference does it make” again and certainly not as Commander in Chief.