“I Got My Feelings Hurt on the Internet!” Here’s an Idea, Turn Off Your Computer

Very few things have caused me to roll my eyes harder than reading an article about an atheist feminist who is claiming to have post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of harassment on the internet.


This woman is not related to the story at hand, but her sign fits rather well.

A Washington woman has come under fire over claims her PTSD caused by online harassment and Twitter trolls is equal to that of military veterans.

Melody Hensley was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 16 months ago following online abuse, which she says is the result of her being an outspoken feminist and atheist.

She caused upset to many military veterans and their families and friends when she claimed her PTSD from Twitter trolls was as bad as mental anguish suffered by those who do active duty.

Daily Mail

I’ve often stated that those being bullied on the internet have a very simple solution to their problem…turn off the computer or delete the twitter or facebook account that is the source of your trouble, change your email address, etc. This is usually in response to children being harassed by peers or similar issues, but it’s even more applicable when it comes to an adult woman who fears her mental health has been compromised by her internet activity. Internet hate fuels me, but I understand it can be upsetting for some, which is why an adult needs to learn their limit and disconnect from the social media causing their distress when it becomes to severe.

So why is she still on twitter? Her last tweets were, as of this article, sent on April 15th of this year. She’s supposedly had PTSD for nearly a year and a half, but she continuously returns to the internet and twitter which should be, based on her claim, places and things that remind [her] of what happened” which is just one of the symptoms of PTSD that she seems to not be experiencing. 

I’ve known people with PTSD. One of them had to put in ear plugs on 4th of July to avoid hearing fireworks that reminded him of weapons fire where he had been stationed in the Middle East. He didn’t intentionally expose himself to something that would trigger his PTSD, yet Hensley is still on twitter and doing her best to rile people up into sending her more hate.

Now I’m no psychologist, but if I was going to diagnose her I’d say she has a hefty dose of drama queen, a sprinkle of loving to play the victim, and a whole helping of wimp.

Turn off your computer if a few (even a few hundred) assholes on the internet can cause you this much distress Melody, disconnect your modem or delete your twitter account. Make your social media accounts private or simply create new ones that you don’t publicize as much. No one is forcing you to remain in a hostile environment except for yourself.

Do your mental health a favor and grow up.



  1. This is a British story- so just so you know what it’s about, she gets to receive benefits, a housing allowance (etc.) if she has ptsd.
    I’ve decided I might start having a little ptsd on the side too, just in case I don’t make as much as I hope to this year.

  2. Oh brother. Now that I read this article, I think I have damage. Something that really annoys me is the over use of PTSD or “triggers” as a silencing and shaming technique feminists like to engage in. “The fact that someone has thoughts, opinion, ideas of their own oppresses and traumatizes me” It’s very irritating, not just because it can shut down good dialogue, but because it really is demeaning and disrespectful to those who genuinely deal with PTSD. Rather then simply clicking stuff away, they want censorship, hate speech laws, fines, all sorts of crazy things.

  3. While I do acknowledge online bullying it is mainly sympathizing with the very young to whom fitting in is so very important and with social media playing such a big role for them it is easy to see how very upset it can make teens. They are already at a volatile emotional stage and as such have less skills to deal with it.

    As for adults – in all honesty you can block those you don’t want on your blogs or twitter accounts, you can change your user name and any other variety of things. You don’t have to let then affect you, as an adult you should have a firmer grasp on your own identity and understand that those who do these things are out for a response – DON’T GIVE IT. Claiming that her trauma equals those who have seen action, death and the pressure of taking lives themselves is nothing more than attention getting and I don’t care who I offend by saying so.

    If you want to deal with controversial issues then you have to be prepared to defend them from those who disagree vehemently with you, not expecting vicious responses in naive to say the lest. If you don’t wish to engage them simply block them it’s not hard, it’s just the same as turning off the TV if you see something that offends you – Don’t watch it or read it. I would have thought that to be obvious. If you wish to engage in controversial debate to promote your cause then don’t complain when it gets nasty.

    For those out there suffering from PSTD [and I’m one of them] it makes me sick to here about that woman’s complaint. Talk to me when you’ve been viciously physically assaulted, left for dead and then have to pick up the pieces of life torn to shreds unable to leave your house even to go out for food. Yeah after that then we’ll chat until then get over it.

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