Grow the F*ck Up

1345397495569_2924308Saw a video that was recorded at the college I used to attend, Arizona State, where a student assaulted and screamed obscenities at a preacher who was standing on the sidewalk near the student union with a sign that said something like:


The college kid (so somewhere between 18 and 22 most likely) threw a fit that I wouldn’t have let a 4 year old get away with and he or she, it’s hard to tell from the video, is lucky the preacher didn’t press charges. He was far nicer than I would have been, if they had assaulted me this kid would have been in for a hard lesson on the fact that there are consequences when you physically assault someone. I doubt they will learn to grow up any other way.

Here, watch for yourself. Be warned, it’s got a lot of vulgar language.

This reminds me of the incident at a Pride parade in July of last year, where a street preacher was chased and assaulted by the gay people in attendance.

Was the preacher really welcome there? Not really, but it was a public place and he had every right to be there. Neither this college student, nor the men and women at that Pride event, have the right to physically attack him for simply standing there and having an unpopular opinion.

If you are so immature that you can’t walk away when you disagree with someone, you really aren’t mature enough to be in college.

It’s not that I agree with either of these preachers; in fact I’ve actually had discussions with the ones on the Arizona State campus about my issues with their theology (which were discussions not threats and vulgarities, liberals should try it sometime) and most were friendly and only slightly condescending when I tried to discuss issues of Biblical translation with them and, unlike most of the liberal organizations that promoted themselves on campus, they didn’t try to chase people down who were obviously ignoring them. I disagree with these preachers and their views quite strongly, but they have a right to believe what they want. If I can’t change their mind through polite debate, what makes you think you can convince them they are wrong through  physical altercations?

This student deserves to be in jail or, at the very least, suspended for attacking someone on campus. Most importantly, they need to grow the fuck up.

So does anyone else who is reduced to incoherent rage by someone not agreeing with their view of the world…or maybe you should just move to a country where freedom of speech is almost non-existent. Unfortunately most of those countries aren’t very nice to gay people, funny that.



  1. Probably a little of an extreme reaction, but WHY did this idiot of a preacher have to hold up a sign damning homosexuals? That is just ridiculous and I think he deserves to be yelled at. Let’s just put this girl in jail because she is sticking up for a discriminated-against group of people! Tolerance, what a crime!

    • Why? Who cares why. He had a right to and this girl/boy/whoever had no right to attack him just because they disagree with what this pastor believes.
      In case you haven’t read any of my other stuff, here’s my opinion here. A childish screaming idiot isn’t going to change this pastor’s view at all anyway and only reinforces the views that he has of gay people by showing us as violent and rude.

      So really all this person did was hurt the image of the group they are trying to “protect”.

      “Tolerance” isn’t a crime (though it’s a wonder this person couldn’t be more tolerant toward an idea that they disagreed with. Which could be accomplished by just growing up and ignoring the pastor), but assault most assuredly is. They SHOULD have gone to jail for that.

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  4. WOW. Just wow. I cannot BELIEVE this post exists.

    1. By defending someone who was
    a) preaching that humans who felt attraction to the same sex didn’t deserve human rights
    b) doing these things AT A PRIDE EVENT. (It’s called P R I D E for a reason!! As in be proud of who you are!! You are a valid as you are!!)

    2. THIS IS VICTIM BLAMING. How dare you?? HOW DARE YOU?!? I’m assuming you’re straight because if you weren’t then you would not be trying to defend this sick bastard. As someone who IS part of the LGBTQ+ community, I am telling you that you really have no right to make outside statements based on what we feel and experience. You dont know and you will never know. We have been trampled on, chewed up, and spit out by cis straight assholes like you. We have been bullied, beaten up, beaten to death, stabbed, stabbed to death. We are judged on the spot the MINUTE our sexuality is revealed. Our relationships are never represented in television and movies because it would be “too vulgar.” Our love is seen as “too vulgar” and “undesirable.” WE ARE STILL FIGHTING FOR EQUAL RIGHTS. WE ARE ANGRY. WE ARE TIRED. You do not get the right to judge our actions as right or wrong.

    3. Read a damn history book. Nothing has ever changed by being tolerant.

    Alright, re-reading the comments you reference the queer community as “us” and now I am assuming that you are a part of it.
    How can you be passively satisfied with the way things are? If we don’t stick up for ourselves then how can we expect others to stick up for us too? Who the fuck brainwashed you?

    • 1. First of all, I barely mentioned the incident at Pride this post was about a preacher on the ASU campus, but that barely matters. In neither case did the person protesting deserve to be verbally or physically threatened and harassed for simply standing there with a sign. To think otherwise is childish, so grow the fuck up.

      2. First of all I’m a lesbian. Second of all, the only victims here were the people being physically and verbally attacked for simply daring to have an opinion that someone didn’t like. None of these actions were “sticking up” for gay people. It was just whiny people who can’t bear for anyone to not agree with them. Let me break some tough news to you, not everyone is always going to agree with you. Swearing, screaming, and attacking them isn’t going to change that. In fact, as I already said in the article, it’s more likely enforce negative stereotypes and make the person less likely to change their views.

      3. Oh really? Because I seem to remember that Martin Luther King Jr. favored peaceful civil protest and he accomplished a lot. He was also a lot more popular than people with more violent rhetoric like Malcolm X.

      Lastly, I haven’t been brainwashed unless that means being an adult and realizing that assault is not an acceptable way to react to someone with a negative opinion.

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