Things Feminists Hate: The Art of Women in Comic Books

Feminists tend to get really really upset over how women are portrayed in comic books. I actually tend to agree that I would like more female superheroes, but I’m not going to be particularly offended if the comic book industry doesn’t oblige me. I don’t need my superheroes to be female so that I can relate to them. No matter how much I enjoy Wonder Woman, after all, Batman and Superman are going to remain at the top of my list of favorite heroes. I’d rather have good quality superhero films than a bunch of affirmative action flicks, made simply to assuage the angry feminists who need more girl power on screen.

Sorry, but it’s true.

Two of the issues I hear complained about the most are these.

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  1. “Girl power” kind of worries me because it’s so phony. I mean come on, you dress some girl up in a cat suit and a pair of heels and she starts drop kicking bad guys. I’m not trying to be sexist here, but you know, physics, biology, reality. Like it or not, unless a woman has superpowers, she’s not taking down six men that out weigh her. I wonder what this false sense of reality is doing to little girls? Are they growing up thinking they’re tougher then men? Are they going to take unnecessary risks?

    Recently I’ve had the misfortune of seeing several young girls smacking boyfriends around. I tried to explain to one that all that protects her is his honor. Seriously. He hasn’t called the cops and he hasn’t slugged her back because he’s trying to be honorable. She flat out doesn’t get it, she’s grown up watching the Hunger Games. I’m a bit surprised by how many times I get accused of sexism. It’s not sexism, a man the same size and skill as you wouldn’t fair well either.

    • I’d say that, yes, the average woman might not be able to take down a man. However Catwoman or Black Widow aren’t “average” by any estimation, just to clear that up.
      It’s all about training and using your body the right way. Of course a non-superhuman woman can’t fight the way a man can, but they are just as capable of defeating a male opponent if they know the right way to use their body. I’ve watch a female Krav Maga instructor, half the size of her male students, take down 3 semi-trained students without breaking a sweat. So it really depends on who you are fighting and how good your training is.

      Women, once they become adults, realize that they are not on par with that kind of fighter at all. Black Widow can do those things, but we would have to train every day for years to be anywhere near that level. Like I said in the article, we know the difference between reality and fiction.

      • You did a lovely job with that article, I’m just concerned about feminists affirmative action push for more female superheroes. They’re worried about sexy clothing not being realistic, I’m worried about women’s perceptions of their own abilities not being realistic. Superheroes are superheroes, they exist in a fantasy world, but lately we’ve been taking it farther and farther into real life.

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