Apparently All My Republican Friends Hate Me

The juvenile conspiracy theories that liberals come up with when faced with gay conservatives are getting more and more absurd. Liberals seem to assume that the Republican party is a seething mass of homophobia, just looking for someone to lynch, no matter how many Republicans befriend gay conservatives.

The other day I was told “The only reason conservatives wont insult you is because they need their token members like you gays to say “hey look, we have gayz too!” Are you that gullible??”

Shocked to discover that all my so called Republican friends actually harbored very carefully disguised hatred for me, I confronted them immediately with this information.


This was apparently news to them, but I quickly alerted them that I was onto their lies.

Because, of course, if some anonymous liberal on the internet says that they know my friend’s motivations better than I (or even they) do, well they must be right.

This is the problem with delusional people. They cannot be taught that they are wrong, because like the paranoid schizophrenic that believes that every person trying to help them is actually an enemy, they will always find a way to turn situations into racism, sexism, homophobia, and any other horrible thing they want.

Like the First Lady twisting the account of someone asking her for help in a Target into a woe is me tale of how racist the world is, regardless of the facts of the situation. If she wants the situation to be racist, it becomes racist in her mind to suit her.

If liberals want to believe that Republicans all seethe with rage at the deviant sexuality of gay people (rather than the truth, that we are all just pretty much fed up with the liberal/gay liberal community trying to enforce “tolerance” on the the whole damn world rather than caring about freedom) they will keep believing it no matter how many gay conservatives “come out”, so to speak, or how many conservative and Republican friends I have. In their mind the whole thing is some farcical conspiracy theory wherein the whole of the Republican constituency is party to a massive bit of trickery to get me to be their token gay.

So apparently you all hate me and I’m too stupid to know it…if you want to believe what liberals have to say about it anyway.



  1. Isn’t it interesting that the people most obsessed with upholding traditional stereotypical views on race, sexuality and the whereabouts are the one’s who claim they’re the tolerant ones? Very, very interesting indeed.

    • What? Your comment makes very little sense to be honest. I can’t figure out if you are referring to liberals or republicans, but in case you are referring to Republicans. A.) Obviously you don’t understand what we stand for and B.) I personally find “tolerance” to mean something competely different from what liberals think it means. So do most Republicans.
      Liberals think it means we must accept and support every person’s choices. For me it just means that people are free to make their own choices, doesn’t mean I have to support them or say they are right.

  2. I agree with Daniel Greenfield, who said, “Inside every liberal is a totalitarian screaming to get out.” I also agree with William F. Buckley, Jr., who said, “The trouble with fascism is that it always makes war on its own people first.” Liberals are both totalitarian and fascist because they must resort to coercion to advance their left-wing, collectivist agenda. You cannot reason with them because they didn’t use reason to get to where they are in the first place.

  3. People who share my politics are so much more accepting of my sexuality than people who share my sexuality are of my politics.

    “Gay” has come to mean a particular political agenda, not a sexual identity, and “homophobia” has come to mean rejecting that political agenda.

    This is why straight liberals have no difficulty in calling me “anti-gay” and “homophobic” despite the fact that I’ve had sex with more men than women in my life. If you don’t vote “gay”, it doesn’t matter who you sleep with, you’re “homophobic”.

  4. Gay Conservatives, Black Conservatives, the Koch Brothers Being social liberals; none of these are allowed to exist in the liberal orthodoxy, any deviation from their obtuse, hysterical stereotypes is a threat to them and therefore must be attacked, debased, and torn asunder.

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