No One Has A Pizza Party Themed Wedding: Memories Pizza is the Ultimate Troll

Jonah Goldberg at National Review called the media/liberals/etc. “trawling trolls” over the outrage about Memories Pizza refusing to cater gay weddings and, while I generally have no compunctions against calling the media/liberals/etc. trolls, I have to say that Memories Pizza is the real troll in this situation.

For those that are unaware of the definition of “trolling”, it’s a term of the internet age that means “make a deliberately offensive or provocative online posting with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them.”

It’s baiting people, looking for a response of some sort and boy howdy did Memories Pizza get a response. The posts on their Yelp page, as Goldberg pointed out, are probably heated enough to cook their own pizza.

But let’s be honest here, unless the owners of Memories Pizzas are complete idiots (and I mean IQ south of 70 level here) they were trolling the world for a response, maybe they thought it would be good free advertising, by preemptively denying catering service to gay weddings.

How many weddings have they been asked to cater ever? What was the likelihood of anyone ever asking them to cater a wedding, gay or straight? They don’t even have a website, they use a yelp and facebook page with a very simple menu. They don’t deliver, as far as I can tell, and they aren’t on grubhub. They certainly don’t advertise themselves as a catering service for anything, be it weddings or birthday parties. They don’t even offer “party size” orders on their menu.

No one hires a pizza place to cater their wedding, but even if they did for some insane reason, no one would have been looking at Memories Pizza to do it.

Before this controversy Memories had 2 reviews on their Yelp page. A 4 star from  Wilmington and a 5 star from someone, inexplicably, living in Portland. The most recent was from 2013. Now you have to go back 35 pages to find those reviews. They’ve recieved HUNDREDS of reviews and more media attention in the last 2 days than they have during the entire time they’ve been open.

Memories Pizza was a tiny place with no recognition, probably little advertising, and slow business. Now everyone knows their name. Whether that’s a good thing or not remains to be seen and if they do implode, they asked for it.

Who ever heard of a wedding that serves pizza.

Excellent trolling Memories, but I highly doubt it will be good for business.


Edit 4/3/15: This article was based solely on the information given in Goldberg’s article. I don’t know if at the time I read it it was known that a reporter had asked the pizza place for their opinion or not and I cannot even begin to express how much I do not care.

Let me assure you that while that might change my view on the subject somewhat and I’d be willing to retract that they were “trolling” for attention given that new information, it does not at all change my opinion that I think they made their bed and now they have to lie in it…along with piles of cash that people have inexplicably given to them.



  1. Funny you should mention this business; I was surfing on one of my news apps and saw a story (I believe from the ABC affiliate in South Bend) on it. The main proprietor, a woman in her 40s, was yapping about their beliefs and how they really wouldn’t discriminate, but if a gay couple came in and wanted a pizza party for their wedding, well, they would be obligated to say no. Then came the requisite “full support of the law”, etc.

    I had to laugh, because my response was the same as your posting title. I don’t even think the reddest of rednecks thinks of having pizza for a wedding! Other than the story mention about the Yelp flurry of recent postings, not much else was mentioned about the business, other than they had been there for 14 years and have mementos of their faith on display in the restaurant.

    It’s somewhat obvious to me now that they were indeed looking to drum up publicity for their restaurant, in the inverse way that those businesses in Indianapolis, et al, are using the “all are welcome” signage.

    The kicker was when the guy identified as the proprietor’s father (who looks like actor Sam Elliott’s separated-at-birth twin, complete with white hair and mustache like an aging Castro Street clone from the 70s) had to opine about how “homo-sect-u-als choose who they are, just like I choose to be heterosexual”. I wanted to remind him that he certainly chose to be ‘Christian’ as well.

    Perhaps they are like those family-owned ethnic businesses whose primary business isn’t necessarily what it says on the sign outside…

  2. Except, of course, that they didn’t announce or advertise it. They were asked the question, point blank, and they answered it honestly, “No, we wouldn’t cater a gay wedding, but we have never been asked to cater a wedding at all.” The paper then made that reply into a story.

    • So a random area news crew wanders into a random pizza place not in their hometown, and asks a random question about a new law?

      I believe there was signage on the counter stating their point-of-view (always a risky proposition for any business, even for business-related reasons—such as “control your children”) and their video comments seem to come more from a position of proselytizing.

      However now it matters not, as the latest word is they are the beneficiaries of a $100K tally via crowdfunding. Since same-gender marriage is already legal in my state, is it too late for me to become the latest victim and get a similar private bailout package?

    • “Made the reply into a story”
      It’s not like they falsified the response. No one tied them to a chair and forced them to answer a controversial question asked by a reporter.

      People are, in fact, held accountable for their views and need to realize that what you say can impact your business and personal life.

        • That question is so stupid that I don’t even think it deserves and answer.
          First of all, the world is not broken down into Christian vs. Atheist there are a whole cornucopia of religions.
          Second, not all Christians have a problem with gay marriage.
          Third, if your religious beliefs are so strong that they must be spoken aloud (even when the answer of “we don’t do weddings at all? Who gets pizza for a wedding?” would have sufficed) even at the cost of your businesses reputation, that’s your problem and not one that all business people who happen to be religious share.

  3. They do deliver. I just saw a picture of their sign online, and it says so. I don’t think they’re trolls. Stupid people, definitely. They were asked a stupid question by the reporter, and they were self-indulgent motormouths and answered idiotically.

    They should have simply said, “We don’t cater weddings for anybody, gay or straight, because it’s not a service a pizza parlor is going to offer.” Expose the dumb question the reporter asked for what it was.

    Now some hack has burnished the credentials of her pathetic little “journalistic” career at their expense. And again, the Social Reactionary Victim-Identity-Politics machine is in full spin cycle.

    • And, don’t forget, Memories Pizza is $800K wealthier for making dumb comments and experiencing a little blowback that won’t matter much to their existing clientele.

      Meanwhile, in WA, a florist who gave a referral to one or two of the you-must-serve-me-in-the-way-I-choose-crowd because she doesn’t do same-gender weddings is now hauled before the human rights commission, facing real monetary losses in potential fines and at least legal fees. Hopefully the Loechs and others are doing a crowdfunding page for her.

  4. I will amend my previous statement. Yes, Meredith, you are right–they ARE trolls. They have mulcted almost a million dollars out of this. They probably want to expand into the catering business–pizza receptions for tacky, tasteless, bigoted small-town rubes. Now they’ve got the funds to do it.

    Meanwhile, gay leftists continue to insist that ONLY the government could have stopped this fiasco. Censorship is the answer! It’s unbelievable that they can’t see how the free market works.

    As we say in Twelve-Step, “Keep coming back. It works if you work it!”

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