That Time a Fashion Magazine Award Show Made People Lose Their Goddamn Minds

There are actually people who care who's awarded this giant glass duracell?

There are actual people who care who gets awarded this giant glass duracell?

Glamour Magazine, a British fashion magazine that I have never heard of before last month, apparently has a yearly “Glamour Awards”, which I had also never heard of before last month.

Suddenly it is the only goddamn thing anyone can talk about on social media. All because Caitlyn Jenner was given their “Woman of the Year” award this year. Mostly because of headlines announcing that the husband of a 2001 Award winner, Moira Smith (who died in the World Trade Center attacks on September 11th), was returning the award she was given posthumously.

This means that I then felt the need to look up this stupid award and find out more about it.

What I found has left me rolling my eyes so hard that I’m shocked they didn’t pop right out and roll across the floor, where they would have been summarily turned into a chew toy by one of my cats.

Since this is a fashion magazine, not, say, Time, I was unsurprised to find that the caliber of their usual award winners wasn’t actually all that different from Caitlyn Jenner. In fact I would say that Moira Smith was the actually deviation from the normal recipients of the award, based on the lists of previous winners that I have found.

Her husband wrote on facebook that the award being given to Jenner was a “slap in the face” of his wife and that it was “insulting to Moira Smith’s memory, and the memory of other heroic women who have earned this award. ”

Here’s a list of the some of the other “heroic” women who have won this award since Moira Smith was awarded one.

His wife was awarded a Women of the Year award in 2001 along with multiple other nominees as well. This included Salma Hayek, Debra Messing,  and Eve Ensler (famous for The Vagina Monologues). Now admittedly her name was also on the list with the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan and two other first responders from 9/11, Kathy Mazza and Yamel Merino.

2003 had a whole “Women of the Year” section, including heros such as Britney Spears, Gloria Feldt, Dr. Julie GerberdingSuzanne VegaJessica LangeLaura HillenbrandVera WangEllen DeGeneresLynne CoxTwyla Tharp, Jessica Lynch & Shoshana Johnson.

Of those I would only class the last two as “heroic” compared to Moira Smith.

Later years saw one winner per year for this award.

  • Christina Aguilera – 2004
  • Rachel Stevens – 2005
  • Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) – 2007
  • Kylie Minogue – 2009
  • Cheryl Cole – 2010
  • Selena Gomez – 2011
  • Lady Gaga – 2012

In 2011 Jessie J was award the Woman of Tomorrow award and in 2013 Victoria Beckham made Woman of the Decade.

I wonder why it is that winner’s like that never struck James Smith as a slap in his wife’s face?

Glamour magazine’s “Woman of the Year” has been more about celebrity than anything else for many many years. Many of the recipients have been the faces of charities or been groundbreaking in their fields, but very few are the type of “heroic” that Moira Smith and her fellow first responders can lay claim to being.

The only thing unusual about Caitlyn Jenner winning this award is the fact that she’s transgendered and honestly…why the hell do you care so much about this? So you don’t believe that someone can be born with the wrong biological gender to fit their neurological gender, so what? Glamour clearly disagrees on that and that’s the magazine’s call…either that or they just recognize a high yield publicity pay out when they see one.

For the last decade the awards have been given to the biggest celebrity names of the day, set up to bring in the most publicity and viewers. Their Man of the Year award is the same, having been awarded to David Schwimmer, Usher, Mark Ronson (Uptown Funk), and Kanye West. Their “Entrepreneur” award has gone to a variety of celebrities and supermodels like Sharon Osborne, Elle MacPherson, Elizabeth Hurly, Victoria Beckham (Glamour must be part owned by the Beckham family), Kate Moss, Nicole Richie, and Kim Kardashian.

This award has never meant anything for any category. 2001 was an aberration from the norm for Glamour. One which was calculated as the best move, in the immediate post-9/11 world, to bring them as much publicity and sales as possible, as callous as that sounds. In 2015 that means Caitlyn Jenner, in 2003 that meant Brittany Spears, and in 2001 that meant 9/11 first responders.

So if your complaint is that the award is brought down in value for Moira Smith because Caitlyn Jenner isn’t heroic enough.

Get over it.

Heroes are heroes because of what they do, not because they got a plaque to hang on the wall or a trophy to display. Moira Smith didn’t do what she did for recognition by some overpriced, glossy, fashion magazine filled with supermodels.

And if your complaint is that the award is brought down in value for every woman that recieved it because Caitlyn Jenner isn’t female enough for you.

Get over it.

It’s a fashion magazine.