Donald Trump Is Not A Conservative

The word “conservative” may get stretched around and misused by people, but that doesn’t mean that the ideology of conservatism loses any of it’s potency.

I recently wrote a book on the topic of minority conservatives and political outreach. Part of that book was set around outlining what conservatism is, because frankly we can’t expect to do outreach to people if we don’t even know what the hell we are reaching out to them about.

So I’m going to give you a little sneak peak at my book and in doing so show why Donald Trump is, 100% with no wiggle room, not a conservative.

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  1. I found your article to be extremely refreshing. I agree with you completely, both on your definition of conservatism, and on Trump not being a conservative. Interestingly, I find your outline of what conservatism is reminds me of the conservatism of Barry Goldwater, one of my favorite politicians. Many people who call themselves conservative today support a lot of anti-liberty policies, for example trade protectionism or using the government to enforce social and religious values.

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