About The Author

I am a writer, obsessed with politics, pop culture, urban fantasy, serial killers, and fairy tales. Which does sound like an odd combination…actually it is an odd combination.

I am also an editor and proofreader, though I admit to playing fast and loose with my own grammar at times.

I love my family, even if I don’t always like them all the time.

Caffeine is the only drug I use and, yes, I am addicted. You do not want to see me when I’m having withdrawals.

I love sushi, I love it a lot. If you ever want to take me to dinner or give me a gift card, think about Sushi.

I drink $6 bottles of wine from CVS, because I’m hella classy.

I’m extremely loyal to my friends.

I love science fiction, was raised a trekkie, and grew up reading all kinds of fantasy novels.

I’ve been called arrogant, but I’m pretty sure it’s deserved arrogance.

I’m part Irish, part American Indian, and part British. I have a great great great (plus a few more greats) that fought in the American revolution.

I don’t understand how any intelligent person could support liberal policies.

Oh yeah, I’m a conservative.

Like, I am really conservative.

I’m a registered Republican, I think the term RINO is overused, and I’m still living in denial that Romney lost in 2012.

Oh yeah, I’m also a lesbian.




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