About The Author

I am a writer, obsessed with politics, pop culture, urban fantasy, serial killers, and fairy tales. Which does sound like an odd combination…actually it is an odd combination.

I am also an editor and proofreader, though I admit to playing fast and loose with my own grammar at times.

I love my family, even if I don’t always like them all the time.

Caffeine is the only drug I use and, yes, I am addicted. You do not want to see me when I’m having withdrawals.

I love sushi, I love it a lot. If you ever want to take me to dinner or give me a gift card, think about Sushi.

I drink $6 bottles of wine from CVS, because I’m hella classy.

I’m extremely loyal to my friends.

I love science fiction, was raised a trekkie, and grew up reading all kinds of fantasy novels.

I’ve been called arrogant, but I’m pretty sure it’s deserved arrogance.

I’m part Irish, part American Indian, and part British. I have a great great great (plus a few more greats) that fought in the American revolution.

I don’t understand how any intelligent person could support liberal policies.

Oh yeah, I’m a conservative.

Like, I am really conservative.

I’m a registered Republican, I think the term RINO is overused, and I’m still living in denial that Romney lost in 2012.

Oh yeah, I’m also a lesbian.



      • LOL you are correct about one thing – the U.S. is a two-party country. We have the Statist party which murders innocents around the world, violates every sense of personal liberty ever conceived, and attempts to cover up its existence with two supposedly opposing teams, and we have the Libertarian Party which has killed no one, has supported personal liberty, and which is open and honest about its dealings :)

      • >I’m sure you disagree, but what percentage did Gary Johnson get? Oh yeah, insignificant.

        I live in New York. I voted for Gary Johnson because, no matter what I was going to do, Obama was going to win my state anyway. It was my first time voting and I’m extremely happy I got to vote for someone I was proud of.

        Can we agree that, for the majority of people, your vote for president doesn’t matter? That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote, just that it’s not going to be crucial in deciding the big race.

        I agree with you about working within Republican Party. Big-L Libertarian extremists are naive and strike me as the equivalent of part-time environmental activists who drive Hybrids and “buy green”. They want the moral superiority of doing bare mininum to fix things and call it progress. But in electoral politics, real change happens at local meetings and party conventions, not when you drop your ballot in the ballot box on November 6th.

          • I would argue that even in swing states, it usually doesn’t matter if you vote third party. Campaigning actually comes down to swing *counties*, not swing states.

            For presidential elections, anyway. It matters more who you vote for the lower down you go on the ballot and the lesser of two evils makes more sense then. I think the media/schools encourage people to “rock the vote” every four years but they don’t really teach kids how to be informed voters. I think it matters more to get involved in local politics and take back the two parties from the grassroots, than shaming people for not falling in line between Team Red/Team Blue and saying they doomed the country because they voted for the wrong corporate shill.

            That said, people who vote third party just to feel edgy and rebellious are annoying. There has to be a certain level of self-awareness of what you’re doing and why.

      • But if we all thought like that, it will all stay like that. If enough people think “hey, it might be throwing my vote away, but I believe in what he/she is saying” then that third party will actually happen. We have had fairly strong third parties in the long ago past… maybe we could again. Who knows…

  1. Oh my gosh! You are awesome! A gay conservative! I think you’re incredible and wish there were more like you! I love that you stand up for what you believe in, no matter what the liberal media tries to portray. Keep it up. Your awesome!! :)

  2. I am a 50-year-old gay man and have lived in the SF Bay Area my whole life – and I am conservative. Thank God (or god if you prefer) there are still gay people under 40 who get it.

    Liberals are angry, bitter, people who are far worse haters than any body they accuse of being a “hater.” Just now, I read an HP post from a gay man who can’t wait until “all the fundies die off,” meaning Christian fundamentalists. And he presented himself as a rational, secular thinker of the highest order.

    I have never set foot in a church in my life, but I have no problems with deeply religious people, even the ones who hate me, I could care less, but I’d never write anything as chilling as that.

    As for liberals’ claim that they are the more evolved and civilized of the various political species, all I have to do is point to the anti-war protestors who saved up their feces and urine for a week in order to hurl it at SF cops… or the lesbian sect that collects and pulverizes dry menstrual blood to infuse homemade candles with the essence of the Gaia… or the gay men that will lick, eat and drink everything that the male body produces — and preserve that act on film for posterity… or the shell-game of calling snuff porn “free speech”…or the unbending support for late-term abortion in all its cruelty… or the die-damn-you-die rictus grin of the euthanasia true believers.

    Or worse, the liberal elite that channels all of this into a grievance voting block seething with hatred and eager to take all of our money and drag the rest of us into this chasm of darkness in the name of “equality.”

    Evolved? Civilized? …animals.

    Bless you mereditancret. We may not see eye to eye on everything, but at least we can still see thanks to young people like you maintaining the lamp of liberty.

  3. Sorry, I know I’m practically forbidden here, being a liberal. But I don’t mind conservatives at all! I can understand them, but their beliefs just don’t apply to me, if that makes any sense. And of course, I love gay people. If they choose not to reproduce, they bring down the overpopulation, therefore bringing down overpopulation-linked problems like pollution and famine! :)

    • Liberals are always welcome here, they just often don’t like what they read and I refuse to change what I write to make them comfortable. I have to say that conservative beliefs apply to everyone though, just because you don’t approve of them doesn’t mean they aren’t reality.

  4. Well, when I meant that they don’t apply to me, I just meant that I understand how conservatives feel, but I just don’t agree with their beliefs. I’m not exactly a liberal, though. More like a Democrat with some Republican idealistics. Like legalizing marijuana in some states!? Really!? When people are dying in accidents from drunken driving driving every day? I appreciate that you’re not easily swayed by other crowds and that you stick to what you believe, whether others like it or not. You set a great example! :D

  5. Marina: Pro-weed activists don’t want to legalize inebriated driving. They want marijuana to be legalized and regulated like alcohol. You shouldn’t go to jail for a Very Long Time just because you smoke weed.

  6. Madfoot: I agree that penalties for recreational marijuana purposes should be lighter, seeing how there are much worse crimes out there. But how well are we regulating alcohol use? Check the statistics for drunk driving accidents, and then come back and try to say that marijuana can be easily regulated.

  7. I really admire your character, I personally don’t vote on liberal vs. conservative, rather who I think will get the job done, on either side of the party line there are good politicians and bad. Besides I am sick of being pigeonholed as some one who’s a christian, though not an extreme one. I don’t hate gays or anyone else people tell me to hate. So many people forget the lessons about tolerance. Also I think the only reason some one should have an abortion is because they were raped by some one because I get that that can be a horrifying reminder, but a lot of people use it as a way to get escape being irresponsible, there are so many couples looking for healthy babies that can’t have their own kids, you don’t have to keep it, just give it a chance to have a good life.

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