Favorite Passages From Atlas Shrugged

I’m not warning for spoilers because if you haven’t read it, it’s not like the I’m going to be ruining the plot for you.

While reading any truly great book there will be scenes that send shivers down your spine, make you cry, make you laugh out loud on the train, make you re-read the passage over and over a dozen times, or make you read the words out loud while sitting on a bench in the park outside your bank.

Usually a single book will get, at most, two of those reactions out me.

Atlas Shrugged has gotten all of them out of me…more than once.

That’s why I’m going to try to compile a listing of all those favorite passages. It will take a while…and probably several more readings of the books to accomplish (as if I needed any more excuses to read it more) but it should be fun.*

*yes, this is my definition of fun. Leave me alone, I’m a nerd.



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