Other Places You Can Find Me Online

I have several other site where you can find me talking about a variety of topics.

Other sites where you can find my political ramblings are:

Elementary Politics – Where I, and several other top notch writers, discuss politics, current events, and pop culture. Check out our movie reviews!

Two Conservative Lesbians – There’s no writing here, but there is two intelligent and awesome conservative lesbians doing two shows a week on politics, current events, and adding people weekly to our “schmuck wall” of stupidity.

Proud Gay Conservative – My political tumblr, where I regular lay smack down on dumb liberals and reblog funny stuff from TV shows that I like.

Other topics:

A Convenient Cook – A new venture of mine where I break down recipes for various types of food.

Between Writer’s Block and A Hard Place – This is exactly what it sounds like. I talk about the mechanics of writing and post bits of things I’m working on, mostly fiction and sometime really sappy poetry.

PSL Editing – My editing and proofreading company.



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