Holocaust Remembrance Day: Why I Remember


When I was a kid I read I lot about World War II.

I went through stages when I was in middle school through high school. I would pick a part of history and obsessively read about it. When I as in 7th grade it was Elizabeth I and Henry VIII. In 8th grade it was Japanese mythology. In 9th grade we read Night by Elie Wiesel and I started back into World War II and the Holocaust.

When I was 11 or 12 I remember someone at my church talking about the book The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. I had recently read “Behind the Bedroom Wall”, a fictional story of a German teenager whose family is hiding Jews in their home, so I ended up reading that book as well. I think when I was 11 those books felt more like adventure novels than they did anything real or horrifying. They represented knowledge of something so evil that, at that age, I don’t think I could even comprehend it being real.

Reading Night and The Hiding Place again at age 15 was a different story. I could comprehend the reality of the evil that was done and it made me angry. It still makes me angry, mostly because I can either feel angry or horribly horribly sad.

I’m not Jewish, but that doesn’t, and shouldn’t, cut me off from feeling the anger and horror at what happened. It’s just as important for me to remember, even though it didn’t directly effect me or anyone in my family, because it should never just be the Jews who say “Never Again” when talking about the Holocaust.  It doesn’t cut me off from feeling the anger and horror at what is going on in the world today, where Jews are once again being attacked for no reason other than the fact that they exist.

It’s like a sick cosmic joke. How many times can history repeat itself?

Of course these days it’s coming from multiple sides. There’s the anti-semites, who hate the Jews and anyone who doesn’t hate Jews. There’s the Islamic terrorists who hate Jews…and Christians…and gay people…and the Yazidi…and on and on and on. It’s not like this irrational and murderous hatred has vanished from the world.

I read somewhere the other day that the majority of Germans just want to put the Holocaust behind them. I can understand that, because I’m sure it’s a horrible thing to think of what your forefathers did, but while I don’t hold modern Germans as responsible for the actions of the Nazis and I would hope no one else does (people should be responsible for their own actions, not those of their ancestors)…we don’t just get to put the murder of millions of Jews (not to mention the non-Jews that were also slaughtered) behind us like it was some sort of freak accident or act of nature.

60+ years can allow you to put a lot of things behind you. The Holocaust is not one of them.

These deaths weren’t caused by bad weather or a factory accident. This was wholesale, legalized slaughter.

You don’t just forget about something like that, no matter how many years go by or whether or not you or your family were directly affected by it.

To say that we can just put something of this magnitude behind us is to say that we no longer need to worry about it happening again. The memory of the Holocaust keeps us sharp, keeps us saying “Never Again” when we could grow complacent and pretend nothing like that could ever happen again in this day and age, even as current events around the world tell us that idea is very wrong.

So I’m not Jewish, I don’t have the same emotional or familial attachment to this event in history, but I remember it all the same. Not only because the victims deserve to be remembered, but because, as another American once said, “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

Old Lies About Romney Make a Come Back with Populists…Time to Slap Them Down (AGAIN)…

By The Snark Who Hunts Back and The Conservative New Ager

Paul Ryan

The look on our faces every time these anti-Romney lies keep coming back.

So recently we’ve been seeing a string of complaints coming out the less intelligent, less thoughtful, and more populist/progressive quarters of the Right once again attacking Romney. And the problem is that the vast majority of these arguments boil down to two problems. The first problem is that they’re trotting out the same complaints that they used 4 years ago and were shown to be utterly without fact, basis, or sanity 4 years ago…and the second problem is that if you had a candidate to actually put up you would be singing their praises and not attacking the only competent candidate there is.   But the clearly the kind of people who prefer populists and progressives are the kind who like to repeat lies that have already been struck down, we might as well cover why these lies are horseshit once again…


So the first thing that all small minded people claiming to be conservative like to point to is Romneycare. They claim it’s the origin of Obamacare. Continue reading

Who are Superheroes Supporting?

Here at Elementary Politics we are out to keep you on top of both politics and pop culture. As such we have noticed that tumblr has revealed these two things are both crossing and the cause of the upcoming film Captain America: Civil War.

But while it is all too clear that Tony Stark is backing Mitt Romney and Capt. Steve “let me end the surveillance state” Edward Snowden Rogers is unquestionably in the Rand/Ron Paul camp we decided to where other heroes were standing in their current support for possible presidential contenders.

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2012 – Conservative New Ager: I didn’t settle for Romney, I support Romney…let me tell you why…

Because Romney is clearly about to officially announce his candidacy for the 2016 election, I thought it was time to bring back a post from 2012 that my friend at the Conservative New Ager wrote.

Now I will be honest I had a lot of preconceived notions about Romney coming into this. Back in 2008 he seemed to hype the Olympics more than Bain, which didn’t win me over. Plus back then I was working 60-80 hours a week, plus trying to get Republicans and Reincarnation finished so I probably relied a little too much on media assessments and didn’t do my own research. That was my mistake, and my opinions have clearly suffered for it. Not that supporting Romney back in 2008 would have made much of a difference, but I now feel a little dumb for some (not all, but some) of the jabs I’ve taken at him in this blog.

So unlike Paul supporters whose argument boils down to “Drugs, and I’m a coward and don’t want to go to war, and the Gold Standard!” (as if they know anything about that) and Gingrich supporters whose argument boils down to “Uhhhh…uhhhh…he’s not Romney, and he did a few conservative things, once, many years ago….uhhhh….what affairs?”  I will give you reasons.

So in no particular order….

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A Kickstarter Campaign That Will Help Teachers, Students, and Parents.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 12.12.04 PMThis is my latest project. Promoting a new startup company that is going to do amazing things in the field of education resources.

Lyceum Education was started to create a suite of flipped classroom videos that most teachers would love to use but don’t have the time to create.  The flipped classroom works on the theory that the old model of teaching a lesson during the day and practicing the lessons at home during homework is backwards.  Students should learn the lesson the night before and practice the lesson with the teacher present to help them with any problems they may have. This way provides faster learning for the students and less frustration when some part of the lesson isn’t understood.

Lyceum seeks to create a suite of lesson for middle and high school that will cover all the lesson of the four core subjects (English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science) that can be used eventually to allow almost any teacher to work in a completely flipped classroom model.

These lessons can also be used by any home schooling parent to supplement their own at home education by offering quality lessons for subjects that may require specific knowledge the parent may not be comfortable with.

As these lessons will only cover the knowledge and comprehension levels of learning they do not replace the need for a teacher or parent in the education process, they only allow them more time to focus on the deeper level  learning that student need adult help with to progress to their full potential.

With the 900,000 we are requesting your help to raise, we will be able to buy the equipment needed to film and edit these video and the salaries needed to support 4 teachers and 1 video editor for 2 years while we create the initial part of the entire suite.  We believe that in 2 years we can provide enough lessons to make this marketable and then allow sales to fund the further creation of all the lessons teachers could possibly need.

This is something I feel extremely passionate about and I know that the people involved in this project will do amazing things.

Please share this kickstarter campaign with your friends and families and donate if you can.

Kickstarter Campaign: Lyceum Education 

Apparently All My Republican Friends Hate Me

The juvenile conspiracy theories that liberals come up with when faced with gay conservatives are getting more and more absurd. Liberals seem to assume that the Republican party is a seething mass of homophobia, just looking for someone to lynch, no matter how many Republicans befriend gay conservatives.

The other day I was told “The only reason conservatives wont insult you is because they need their token members like you gays to say “hey look, we have gayz too!” Are you that gullible??”

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Santorum, the Marxist who called himself a conservative

So we all know Santorum doesn’t understand why he lost and that he loves to continue the liberal lie that Romney wasn’t a good candidate and the delusion that he in any way, shape, or form is electable.  But what about his economic ideas?  Well, they’re possibly the only thing worse than his self-assessment.  Now honestly a waste of oxygen like Santorum would probably not be worth the time I’m about to spend on him, and he’s not, but the problem is that while he himself has no chance of ever getting into power, the fact is that his is a walking symbol of everything wrong with the Republican Party—unlike a real conservative he has risen to prominence by claiming to be a conservative, and his ideas have nothing to do with being a conservative, but you hear them in the words of other idiots within the party (former governors from Arkansas and Alaska come to mind) but Rick states these errors in logic and ideas so clearly (because he’s more clueless than most) so he makes an easy target.  The point here is that Rick Santorum isn’t the problem, he’s an annoying idiot who at most does the conservative movement a little PR damage, the real danger are is his ideas which regrettably have made some inroads with the Populist factions of the party—these ideas need to be shown to be to the lies they are, confronted, and ripped from this party, this nation, and this world before they do more harm.

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