That Time a Fashion Magazine Award Show Made People Lose Their Goddamn Minds

There are actually people who care who's awarded this giant glass duracell?

There are actual people who care who gets awarded this giant glass duracell?

Glamour Magazine, a British fashion magazine that I have never heard of before last month, apparently has a yearly “Glamour Awards”, which I had also never heard of before last month.

Suddenly it is the only goddamn thing anyone can talk about on social media. All because Caitlyn Jenner was given their “Woman of the Year” award this year. Mostly because of headlines announcing that the husband of a 2001 Award winner, Moira Smith (who died in the World Trade Center attacks on September 11th), was returning the award she was given posthumously.

This means that I then felt the need to look up this stupid award and find out more about it.

What I found has left me rolling my eyes so hard that I’m shocked they didn’t pop right out and roll across the floor, where they would have been summarily turned into a chew toy by one of my cats.

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SPECTRE: The Least Misogynistic Bond of Craig’s Run

James-BondsDaniel Craig made huge and outraged headlines when he stated that James Bond was a misogynist in a recent interview. Now I could go on and on about how his statement proves that an actor clearly doesn’t need to understand the character they are playing as long as the script and director are good, because he clearly does not understand his own character’s psychology and motiviations, but I won’t.

Instead let’s talk about SPECTRE, the latest in Craig’s Bond oeuvre, and why it is a film that makes Craig’s statements (especially while doing interviews for this film) completely ridiculous.

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Is Marco Rubio Pulling a Peter Gibbons?

If I had a few days I’d love to drag out the productivity numbers for members of the Freedom Caucus, but since I’m not going to waste that much time, let’s just say they’re less than stellar. Like my Mother’s Morkie who barks a lot but hasn’t done a darn thing to actually heighten her level of protection; additionally, their constant yipping has also become as annoying as her dog. Maybe more. Back to the point, the conservative PACs who function in the wake of their rebel cause have added padding to the wallets of a lot of “grassroots” consulting firms.

So I guess that’s a feather they can shove in their cap.

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Conservatives – Almost as many flavors as Baskin Robbins

But this doesn’t actually solve the inherent question of what is a conservative? There might have been a day we listed off a devotion to certain cardinal virtues, or perhaps listed off things such as a dedication to capitalism, natural rights, limited government, federalism, and deliberate reasoned and careful change…but nowadays there are people who oppose all those things calling themselves REAL conservatives…and they’re not getting laughed out of every building they walk into.

So rather than fight an uphill battle that our brand of “conservative” is the only true conservatism, we’ll deal in reality (a distinctly conservative trait, or at least it used to be) and admit that the word “conservative” no longer has anything resembling one single meaning. And with that comes the need to define all the flavors of “conservative” out there.

Now for this we decided to group conservatives by three main categories, Economic Issues, Foreign Policy and Social Issues (and admit there is another category needed because some of these “conservatives” don’t really care that much about policy).

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The Trials and Tribulations of Being a Single, Gay Conservative

So I wrote this a while back for another blog series on conservative dating, but I recently found out the website where it was hosted is no longer active…it took me a while to find my rough draft to repost it.


I have been single for that last three years. Before that I was single for nearly a year. Before that…well let’s just say there is a pattern.

Make no mistake, I’m not defined by who I date and I don’t need a relationship to complete my life. I have plenty of great friends that I would not trade for the world, but friends can’t fill in every gap left by being single.

I’m not talking about sex, get your mind out of the gutter. Y’all need Jesus.

There are so many ways that a romantic relationship is beneficial to a person, but for some people it’s really hard to find “the one” that we were promised by every Disney movie we grew up with.

I’m not single by choice, I would certainly like to have a long term relationship, but being a conservative has really killed my love life.

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Hypocrisy, Thy Name is Values Voter Summit

Few things on the “conservative” side of politics annoy me more than the Values Voter Summit. I can’t think of a time where they have added something truly conservative (or useful) to the political climate of the country.

However, a couple of things worth noting happened at the summit this year and they are things that pretty much sum up what I dislike about the demographic that the this group appeals to. The Values Voter summit is built by, and for, a demographic I like to refer to as “Progressive for Jesus” (if you’ve read this blog much you’ve seen me use this before, if you are new then this refers to a subset of “social conservatives” that feel that their religion and morals should be forced onto the rest of the country via big government style legislation…they share a lot more in common with progressive ideology than conservative). This is the demographic you are likely to hear making claims like “This is a Christian nation”, because they think their religion somehow gets special privilege to control the nation due to the incorrect belief that some of the founding fathers believed in their version of God and/or went to a church similar to their own.

If you can’t tell, I don’t care for this type of person much.

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